Website Speed – What Is More Important To Track While Analysing It?

The most important metric which defines your site’s popularity and traffic is its speed and even every local SEO company knows this . How fast does your site load when your users enter your URL is the only criteria you need to accomplish. Google reports that your users will stay on your site only if it loads within 3 seconds. Now, you can analyse that how important is your site’s speed.

Site speed is a critical factor. Therefore, many tools are available out there which help you get the accurate insight into the details of each and every aspect which decides the speed of your site. These tools provide you with a score out of 100 and also tell your areas of weaknesses on which you should work. But you should not totally depend upon the reports provided by these tools, here it does not mean that you should not look at these details. These details are important and you should work according to them but not completely depend on them because they tell you the overall time used by the site load and what is more important is your Document Object Model Load Time.

Why is DOM time important?

The tools used to estimate the total load time of your site should not be solely trusted because they tell you the loading time of each and every element on your page which can lead to inaccurate results also. These tools measure the timings of those elements too which do not affect user’s ability to use your website. Hence you should ensure that the loading time of your DOM on every page should be as less as possible.

How can you acheive this?

First you should find out whether DOM timings is an issue for you or not. So here are some tools which will help you analyse your DOM timings and are they causing any issue to your website:

1.Google Analytics

It is the first tool which you should consider in order to get accurate DOM timings. Experts from SEO services Nashville and almost all the companies prefer Google analytics.

You should follow this path when using Google Analytics:

Behaviour ->Site Speed ->Page Timings ->Select Dom Timings under Explorer tab  ->Change to ‘Avg. Document Interactive Time (sec)’ ->Organise By Page views ->Now you can click on every particular link to find out the time.

2.Page load time plugin by chrome:

This plugin is also one of the most important method to check DOM timings. It provides a proper division of load times of every web page you visit and Dom timings also so that you can identify how long your site is taking to load on a page to page basis.

  1. Web Page Test:

This is a perfect platform as it provides a detailed visual representation at every 0.5 sec. It also tells you the percentage of load completion of your site and the time in which you can be the first to interact.


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