PX Design : A new dimension for UX Professionals

User experience is all you need to focus in today’s date. Google is converting all it strategies, services and algorithms to be seen from user’s point of view. Now, this platform is also carving out slowly and giving rise to a new term and that is personalization. SEO services in Orlando says that overall views and recommendations are important for every business owner but getting the views and working on the personal interests of every individual is known as personalization and it has become equally important.

So, do you want to create a personalized UX for your users? Then here are some ways which will guide you right:

1.Assimilate data:

Perform various activities like surveys, user tests, formal interviews and analytics analysis to gather the data related to your users. Google analytics is the most beneficial tool for you in this case. Google Analytics gives you an insight into passive data which means that information which people leave behind even after just browsing your site. Just go through all the relevant details about how your users search for your site, how many of them stayed on your site, how many returned back and many more details.

2.Classification of your users:

Phoenix SEO say that You can classify your users on the basis of age, gender, occupation, income, language, location and many different categories but when it is about personalization you have to make your classification narrow.

The three broad categories in which you should divide your users are : locations, interests and needs.

  1. Personalize the data:

Personalize the data simply means get to know about individual interests and needs and presenting that to the customers before their demands. It includes:

  • Product recommendations which means the product or services which you have enjoyed already is recommended to you again.
  • Notifications should be used which are rules based feedbacks loops occurring due to user’s activities.
  • Active personalization is another feature which should be used to personalize your data more as it uses user’s input and creates highly specified content. This is mostly achieved by organising various online surveys which cover some interesting aspect of life so that users fill it and participate in it.

These were some of the aspects which you need to focus on making your user experience more personalized. You have to take care of your user’s experience because it is the need of the hour. Once you know the right direction online world will be yours.

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