Pre-Website Launch SEO Tactics to Getting Visible

Appearing on the first page of the search results for any searched query is the dream of any website owner or blogger. They may think that SEO starts with the launch of the website, actually, there are some ways through which you can search optimized your website before it comes online. Even the Birmingham SEO favor these techniques to become popular way before the launch of the actual website. Their favorite technique is designing a ‘coming soon’ page, pick up yours (or you can employ all of them) among the list given below.

  1. A ‘Coming Soon’ page: Starting early on SEO, this is the first and the most important part. A fresh visually appealing ‘coming soon’ page can give searchers a glimpse of how the website is gonna look. It also helps in early indexing of content by Google. After you have given a final finish to your website, you can take down the ‘coming soon’ page and online your actual website.
  2. Get Socially Active: There is no need of a website; to become a center of attraction on social media. It is also a great platform to display your services and products. Being a forerunner on social media, you can establish a reputation for your brand. You can start a discussion or should we say awareness on social media about your newly launching website.
  3. Start a Blog: Website and blog go hand-in-hand, but it is not necessary that you start blogging after the launch of the website. Your blog can help in the promotion of your business much before the website launch. Start posting some good and trendy press releases on the blog to attract audiences attraction.
  4. Create a 10X content for your website: Website need to have great content that is not available anywhere on the internet. Start the content preparation way before, so you can have enough time to revise and make corrections. SEO is greatly dependent on content and if you have already developed a 10 times better content than already on the internet, you can make sure of your position in the search results.
  5. Test Pages for optimization: Run optimization tests on your website and test each page. Judge the relevance of each page for the keywords targeted and quality of content for the customer’s intended search. The indexing of pages start right from the launch of the website, if your pages are not optimized already, it would leave a bad impression on Google and audiences as well. Not to mention, you cannot get a good position in the search rankings.
  6. Start collecting links: You can earn genuine links without even starting your website, with the help of guest blogging. Through writing a world-class informative content on an influential high domain authority site, you can direct audiences to your ‘coming soon’ page, which would soon be converted to the landing page.
    Do not think that writing on the comments section or review sites can bring you audiences, these are not the correct ways of publicity. In fact, these can get you penalized by Google. So adopt clean and clear practices to earn links.
  7. Use Google+ for business: Various sites like Google+, Yelp or Bing Places can help you to advertise for your business and provide a platform where users can write reviews about you. You can set up an account at these to get powerful insights about your business.
  8. Start befriending some Bloggers: Bloggers are very influential people, they have a number of followers who buy products based on their suggestions and reviews. You can send free products to some of these bloggers and ask to put on a review. If these bloggers like your products, you can convert them to brand influencers.

To stand out among a great number of websites, you need to show your full potential to audiences. Time immediate after the launch of the website is critical, you need to look out for broken pages, traffic volume, and keyword ranking. SEO London recommends acting wisely before and after website launch because you do not get a second chance to do over.


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