PPC Expenditure Optimization: Cut the Losses

The success of a PPC campaign is not measured by the number of clicks you are getting, it is about the total revenue you are collecting through purchases via ads. You may have invested a great amount of  money in bidding for various keywords, but it is not necessary that all of your PPC accounts are making a profit. We have already suggested you metrics on which you can evaluate the success of your PPC marketing, let us know how you can make the best out of AdWords account to collect important  insights about the PPC performance.

According to the SEO Manchester, the PPC profit is not equal to the expenditure. If you have an account which is not converting, then investing any more money in it is not a solution. To find out the solution, you need to find out the root cause. Let us discuss some steps to finding the root cause.

Know the Analysis Time Range

The traffic is not same over a large range of time, it is fluctuating; maybe because of some algorithm update or rising competition. In order to derive the requisite data, you need to decide the time range (90-120 days is best for such analysis) on which you will perform the analysis. Current performance of the data w.r.t. the past can depict the real reason behind the poor performance of your AdWords account.

Identify the problematic area

AdWords provide you a great opportunity to collect a relevant information about the performance of your account. You can know the details of various campaigns, mobile performance, keyword performance, conversion rate, click through rates, etc. After breaking down the traffic into segments, you can download the click variations for a keyword or for a campaign or mobile device.

Start the Analysis

Now, after you have collected relevant data, you need to find out the problem. Find out why a particular campaign is failing or why mobile users are not converting or why a particular keyword has been inactive for a long period of time. It may be possible that the keyword you are targeting is no more a common search term or your landing pages are not mobile friendly. With the help of data collected, you can easily find out the profitable and unprofitable practices for your PPC strategy.

Amend the mistakes

Now, you have only one thing to do; correct your mistakes and modify the way you are handling your PPC account. If a particular keyword is bringing you clicks but not conversions, then lose it. If mobile users are showing more interest in your ads, optimize your website for mobiles. If audiences are leaving your site in seconds after visiting, then make it more interactive and provide more relevant information on it.

Many people can easily identify ads based on its position at the right side (thank goodness, Google no more allows right side ad) or at the top of search page. Some searchers do not click on the ads because they only trust organic rankings. You cannot do much about these browsers, only can increase the relevance of your content according to the keyword. For converting clicks into conversions, clearly show visitors the uniqueness of your services. Show them that you are the best and provide exactly what they have been searching for. Keep audiences as a center of your PPC campaign, all your tactics should be guided to please them. SEO Perth focuses on identifying the flaws in each PPC strategy for cutting the unnecessary losses and optimizing the each penny spent on it.

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