Machine Learning – A New Phase of SEO

Thousands of SEOs today like SEO company Chicago are busy working on link profiles, robots.txt, meta tags, H1 optimization and bunch of other SEO services. But all these SEOs are going to face a major twist in the industry and this time, it is not any update in Google’s algorithm or any algorithm tracker but this is all about ‘Machine Learning’.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning, as defined by different SEO experts from the best SEO company in Dallas  is the ability of computers to understand and learn without any manual programming. It is a kind of artificial intelligence which focuses on the development of such programs that enable computers to learn and grow.

So we can say machine learning is simply the machine’s strategy to gain knowledge without any human intervention. But still we know that there is a lot of explicit programming needed to enable these systems to program themselves. Programmers are busy developing such applications which respond according to the behavior and real intentions of the user.

This tremendous technology has started delivering some of the applications in this real world. One of the main examples is a self-driving car. The self-driving car using its signals, braking at the right time and stopping when needed reflects a great invention depicting machine learning.

But do you think this self-driving car has programmed itself? Of course, not. There is a team of super intelligent programmers who dedicated their whole time and mind to develop such a self-driving system. Yet at the same time, the car does direct itself. It is the car’s software which finds out the expectations and how it has to respond to it. Then it adapts accordingly.

The other great illustration of machine learning which is more specific in this domain is Facebook’s news feed. All the posts on your wall are a result of this tremendous technology. Facebook uses several factors to decide that the everyday posts on your wall are the most interesting one. It is judged by analysing that how close are you to a person in your friend’s list and this is analysed by pretty obvious methods like how frequently you like their posts, how often you chat with them, click on their photos and many more. If you click on links mostly then links will be displayed on your news feed and if you watch a lot of videos then there will be more videos.

Machine Learning hence has become a part of our daily lives where machines are getting ready to become our mates. Although, not best ones till now.

Google is focusing on machine learning to improve its searches. Therefore, there are updates every now and then and each one of them is based on intentions and behavior of the searcher. Machine Learning is not changing SEO exactly because it is already a part of SEO.

Machine Learning – A part of SEO:

SEO is no more a topic to be discussed only among those random computer geeks who just thought it is all about keyword stuffing. However, SEO has become the major topic of many blogs, business entrepreneurs, leading executives and main headlines of news around the globe. SEO today is affecting every industry because who doesn’t want online recognition?

This success of SEO has led to the integration of machine learning with SEO. In fact, Google has made machine learning as the third most important factor in its algorithm and this machine learning system is called Rank Brain.

What is RankBrain?

Rank Brain is the creation of Google which enables the algorithm to list out the results based on the intention of the query and not just the keywords in the query. It is adaptive and adapts itself to the interpretation rather than just words.

But still it is not fully developed to focus on human behavior on its own.  Rank Brain responds to ambiguous questions on an automatic basis like all other artificial intelligence systems.

So how can you improve your SEO ranking factors according to Google’s machine learning strategy? You have to ask these questions to yourself:

  • Are your search results related to the intent of the user? And if they are interested in buying your product are they able to select and learn about it properly?
  • What can more related products and benefits users get if they land on your site?
  • Is your content up to the mark?
  • What new developments are you focusing on to enhance your website and its content?

Now let us look at what strategy Google uses in ranking your site:

  • How much time does the user take to stay on your site?
  • After clicking back to the search results is the user satisfied by your content or he clicks on other sites to search for the same?
  • What is the CTR on your search engine ranking pages?
  • What is the amount or volume of traffic you are getting?
  •  Are you giving a good quality content as compared to your competitors?

How is SEO being affected by ‘Machine Learning’?

As we all know that SEO has witnessed all kind of changes in past few years. Some changes were sudden, some were gradual but they affected the ranking factors massively. Google is used to change its algorithm suddenly always which leads to the downfall of many businesses in no time. But machine learning is now opening doors to adaptation and not sudden changes. Now programmers will not have to decode and set it all over again instead artificial intelligence will adapt accordingly by response and process.

The point for which this technology is developed is ‘human behavior’. Whatever the machines will learn on their own will depend on the intentions and the nature of the humans. So if you are optimizing keeping humans as your major consideration then you are on the right path.

SEO is all about people’s search. They are the major factor deciding the search results of any search engine. If your content is engaging, interesting and attracting many users then there is nothing that can stop you from touching the heights of success. Machine learning is not much developed till date but it is the future of SEO industry. If machine learning is applied then there will be no need for abrupt changes all over again.

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