First Online Shopping, Then Mobile Shopping and Now Voice Shopping

Online shopping has changed the way we used to shop; go to one or two shops, select the best among whatever is available, bargain (if you know how to) and then come home only to see that the cloth does not fit you properly. Then the cycle repeats, all this is so messy plus you have to bear the weather too. There is no such mess in the case of online shopping and mobile shopping is even easier. You just need to have two things; mobile in your pockets and internet connection; you can shop the whole world (We mean whatever you like of course not literally, anyhow). SEO Company in Birmingham informed us that soon we will be seeing a new trend of shopping; Voice Shop.

Google is experimenting with this new feature where you can shop using two golden words- Okay Google! Isn’t is exciting? For all those lazy people out there who do not believe in much browsing and just want a product delivered at home, it is a revolution.

What Aroused the Need for Voice Shop?

With the growing friendship between searchers and Google (Google has become a slang for search), this was bound to happen. Earlier, the search was more up to the point, using two/three words. Now, searchers consider Google as a friend and the search is long, more like a conversation. Let us take an example; If we had to search for a car dealer, the search would be like- ‘Car dealer in Australia’, but now the search is more like- ‘The best car dealer in Australia near me’. Oh yes! Near me feature. How can we forget that? Google has grown tremendously in the past years, it automatically taps into the GPS and show you results based on your geographical location; even when you do not ask specifically.

Coming back to our topic of discussion, when the conversational search is tedious to type, voice search comes as a rescuer. You just have to say whatever you want to search and BAM… you will see the options on the search results. With increasing advocates of online shopping, voice search needed to be evolved to voice shop.

How does Voice Shop work?

Voice shop uses the similar idea as voice search. We have already seen that Google now allows to directly shop from the search results, voice shop is more or less the same. When you say- “Okay Google, find me a pair of  Adidas running shoes in the size 9 ”, it will show you the e-commerce sites and corresponding prices. Then, you can select the one from where you want to buy the shoes and say “Purchase the one from Amazon” and in no time, somebody will ring your bell with the parcel and receipt.

What is so cool about Voice Shop?

You mean apart not using our delicate thumbs? Voice shop feature would use your credentials from Google account, thus, you do not have to enter credit card information or address info or anything. Initially, it would be tested for a few merchants and then when the time is right, it would shadow the whole online market.

When can we expect the full-fledged Voice Shop feature?

Now, this part we hate when we have to tell you that an independent fully-functional voice search may take one year or so. All this is so exciting that we wish it was just around the corner, but honestly, it is not. The feature is under the testing mode and is not ready to be rolled out online.

Anyhow, we just wish that Google speeds up the testing mode and launch the Voice Shop soon. Till then Voice search is good enough to shop online. SEO Company Cambridge suggests that you optimize your website for voice search because when Google rolls in Voice Shop, a lot of things are gonna change.


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