Embrace Voice Search and Get Ready for the Voice Shop

Google has made clear that soon we will see voice shop feature using which we can shop without using the thumbs and clicks. Well, this would be something to see, but that would take some time to happen. Till then what e-commerce sites can do is optimize their website for voice search. Clearly getting recognized by the Google Voice is the priority to pop up in the search results. With the growing voice search users, there is no doubt that voice shop would also be used by a great number of users and it can possibly become a ranking signal in the coming years. Well, any new change by Google, makes us think that, but ranking signal or not; voice support is surely a perk for businesses which they need to exploit.

Chester SEO explained us the way Google retrieves the results based on voice. The voice is recorded and tested against natural language processing and text to speech conversion. This input is compared with the crawled database and relevant results are displayed. Let us know the ways through which you can optimize your website to go with the trend of voice search.

  1. Write in conversational language: Since the voice search is like conversation, you need to develop your content in the same form. Do not show how well known you are and what a vocabulary you have because people do not search using fancy words. Write your content in common language, a language that can trigger your web page on the search results.
  2. Write in answering mode: The voice search or search in general is all about getting answers. We always have been suggesting you to write in the form that it answers a certain query.  Use question tags like who, why, how, what etc. With voice search in the game, the stakes are high like never before.
    You need to develop your FAQ page to include as many questions as possible. Thus, chances are that you will cover all the queries related to your niche and can make a place on search results for any search.
  3. Focus on long tail keywords: Knowing long tail keywords that people usually use to search can help Google bots to process your data faster and efficiently retrieve the relevant results. Using various tools, find out two-three relevant keywords for your business and include them in your content.
  4. Use Schema Markup: Schema markup means telling Google what needs to be displayed about you in the search results. It is related to semantic search and helps Google bots to understand the underlying meaning of your content rather than the words. Using schema markup, Google can have highly relevant information about your content and for a voice search, it can show your result based on the semantics.
  5. Focus on Local: Voice search is used majorly on mobile phones, which raises the need to optimize the local data. Mobile searches are more like ‘on-the-go’, so local results and ‘near me’ results get the priority. If you sell offline too, you need to provide a local address, directions, services, upcoming events and offers.

Optimization for voice is very important and you cannot afford to ignore it. There are no extra efforts to be done to become voice-fit, just modify the way you write your content. According to SEO consultant London, Google does not penalize website with no voice-friendliness till now, but what is in the future no one knows. So, it is in the best of your favor to optimize your website for voice search and voice shop in the future.

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