Dynamic ‘Uninformed’ Algorithm Updates: What Can They Unfold?

With every big announcement of search ranking algorithm update, web owners and SEO firms get more alert and improve their websites and their SEO efforts. Some website loses a position or two while some gains. No algorithm update is all bad or all good, but at least, businesses knew to check for irregularity in traffic volume to determine the effect of an update on their website. With Google thinking of making the updates more dynamic, it would put a great strain on businesses and becomes very tough to judge what is causing the dip in the traffic and how to overcome it. Let us know what SEO Company Perth has to say about it.

It would become tough to track the penalties

What happens after every update is; Google Search console tells you about the change in traffic volume. Based on that change, you can know the issues of your website and you can correct it to discard the penalty. It may be keyword penalty or link penalty, all can be determined and corrected using various online tools. Now, if updates occur dynamically, SEOs would not have a date to compare the traffic with.

They may be losing traffic because of the season or because they didn’t put any content online these days, there is no sure way to determine that the problem is due to algorithm update or not. They may work hard to remove a penalty which they might not have in the first place.

Time-delay from update to penalty imposition

With so much data on the internet, it is impossible for Google to crawl the data simultaneously. It takes some days to actually crawl the website and penalize it; if it does not comply with the update. Let us suppose Google rolls out two updates a fortnight apart and a website is penalized for the first one. After some days when website plans to remove the penalty, it cannot know for sure that it is due to which update, formal or later. As such there would be a lot of chaos in the online world and no one would have any idea about what should be done.

A chance for bad SEO practices

Since no one would have any idea that they have been penalized or not, SEO firms can take advantage of the situation, and charge websites heavily to remove the penalty that does not exist. Sometimes, these SEO firms themselves sabotage a website only to charge them for ‘making everything good’. As such morality would hit an all time low.

No idea would give rise to Blackhat

When no one know what should be done, they most certainly amend the traffic by adopting blackhat SEO tactic till they hit the problem. They would test every solution and may be hit with penalty even faster. Continuous testing and penalties would put the future of the internet in danger.

What should be done?

If dynamic updates are the future, you need to be prepared for it. A good business with up-to-date technologies and all fair tactics to optimize search would never face a penalty. The sole aim of Google is providing a great search experience, as long as you share the same aim, you can enjoy your search ranking. To be prepared for dynamic updates, you need to watch your SEO techniques and worry less about the updates. It is to be kept in mind that the more you involve in black hat tricks, the sooner you get penalized. You need to polish up your SEO and target audiences based on their search intent. If you need expertise, hire the best of SEO in York

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