Customer’s Insights about Local Businesses

If your business is not limited to either online or offline and you have many local branches of your business in different cities, you definitely need to read this post. It is all about how you can improve your local landing pages according to the preferences of your audiences. We can waste time in talking more about it, but let’s skip the babble and take you straight on the tour to customers’ mind. Here you will find out what they expect from you and how you can make small changes in your website to make it more like what they want.

Why customers prefer local businesses?

Top 10 SEO companies answers this question in four simple points. Let us know what they are.

  1. All local information: Local business websites provide every detail comprehensively; whether it is about the prices, their addresses, phone numbers etc. It is easy to know all about them by reading the website and contacting them is also easy. Those who prefer contacting through email, they can use that and those who want to call, they can find the phone number right there.
  2. Proximity: Online shopping is convenient but if you want to buy the product after closely examining it, local stores are the best. If you order online through these stores, the product can reach your house in less time.
  3. Geographical connection: Local businesses have some local roots which inspire people to relate with them and they become loyal to these businesses.
  4. Testimonials + Videos: Local stores generally have customer testimonials and videos at their pages which help people to make up their mind and proceed to buying.

What do they expect from local page?

  1. To mention list of products and prices clearly with all the taxes and shipping charges. They want perfectly visible photos of products from different angles to know all about them.
  2. To mention the address and phone number so that people who want to go to their shop physically and shop; can do so. The phone number helps people to contact in advance to know more about them and ask for the availability of the product.
  3. To mention opening hours and seasonal times, because nothing irritates as much as when we go to a shop expecting to buy something only to see a big fat lock outside it.
  4. Some people also expect the good looks of the website; same as the international shopping sites so that they can show more confidence in it.

What do they not expect?

  1. Poor content quality: Many local pages do not focus on the quality of content because it is definite that they will receive local customers anyhow, but it is not mandatory. People want relevancy of content w.r.t. their buying intention. Finding a poor content repels them. If you want to know about designing great landing pages, click here.
  2. Incomplete information: What could be greater blunder than not mentioning the complete address, phone number and email id to your website? If you do not provide people the path to reach you, how can you expect that they find the path on their own?
  3. No reviews and no blog: Reviews are the one thing that is ruling the ecommerce world. Every purchaser out there buys product only after reading the reviews, if you do not provide third party review sites, they will certainly not approach you. Blog is another good way to appeal to customers. Many people like to collect all the possible information about the business before buying anything.
  4. No mobile friendliness: Mobile websites are everything to shape the future of businesses. Not having one means you are missing out on a large number of young audiences who like to shop instantly by one click on their phones. Outdated websites are another reason why people do not like you.

All this is not psittacism with no base, it has been concluded from a survey done by BrightLocal. Hope it helps you to design your local website with even more efficiency; otherwise you can always take professional help from SEO services Companies.


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