Changing Face of Google’s Product Listing Ads

Think-Experiment-Implement. This has become a working methodology for Google. Every day we can see a new change in the search engine results page. According to SEO services UK, some changes are pleasant because they help in search optimization while some are not. Anyhow, they stay regardless of affinity/hatred of SEO firms. Google has already ditched the right-side ads from the search page to get it covered by knowledge graphs and e-commerce site’s Product Listing  Ads PLAs. Talking about PLAs, they are the most effective way to attract customers to a site. While 5- 12 PLA per search results page is common, a lot more changes are occurring in their representation. Let us know what are these changes.

  1. Scrolling Carousel: Now, Google is experimenting with a PLA block with 5 ads on display and a scrolling button. It appears on the top of the results and when you are done scrolling to the right to see more results, the arrow appears at left to scroll back. Well, this can really save the space for organic results on the search result page, but sellers can  miss out on people who are not driven enough to scroll the results.
  2. Ranked PLA: This is a very disturbing change that we can see on PLA results. When you search for some products with ‘best’ or ‘top’ tag, Google shows you results with the rankings; 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. The ranking appears in both desktop and mobile search. You must be thinking that what is so disturbing in the rankings. Well, the rankings are not based on the performance of product or customer reviews. Some good products are selected and the rank position is auctioned. The product fetching the top rank does not mean it is the best, it simply means that it stands among some good performers, and a handsome amount is spent for it to rank for that position. Google plays a great role in shaping the choices of customers when the ranks are rigged, there is a good chance that customers end up buying a ‘not the best’ product.
  3. Local results: Among the PLAs for a particular product, we can see local results as well. When a customer sees that the product is available (Google also tell about the availability of product) at the local store, he can easily go there and buy the item. As such, it would affect online shopping to an extent.
  4. Offers right in front: PLAs also show the offers on the results page, thus there is no need to visit the website to find out the possible discount on the advertised product. If users like the offer they can go ahead and make a purchase. This change can help businesses in two ways- increasing the reach to audiences and second only interested customers will click on the ad, so clicks will convert to sales.
  5. PLAs for image search: Google also has started to show PLA results for the image search for a product on mobile devices. Thus, people who are looking for a simple image of the product will also get to see the e-commerce sites and their pricing and offers. This may help them to make a buying decision if they are a potential customer or it will simply increase Google’s revenue per clicks.

Let us see what changes are made permanent and how PLAs will look in the near future. One thing is for sure, after Google’s endeavor of clearing out the search page from ads, PLAs will have a better representation in it. With the help from SEO Birmingham, we will keep you updated with such experiments and improvements.

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