What can a ‘Coming Soon’ Page do for you?

If you have made up your mind to go online and launch a website, no one can stop you from realizing your dream. It is said that first impressions are the last impressions and your website’s first impression does not mean the launch of the actual website, rather it means the ‘coming soon’ page. If you are not thinking about any such process just because it is an additional step to your actual website and adds unnecessary delay to it, let us convince you with some benefits that a ‘coming soon’ page can offer you.

  1. Google starts indexing you: Google starts indexing a web page with its launch. If you online a coming soon page, it is considered as a page and Google will index it. It is more about the presence of the page than it’s content. The sooner Google starts indexing your page, more is the possibility to come in its good grades. SEO services Leeds always design a ‘coming soon’ page for their clients because there is no sense in avoiding it.
  2. Brand Reputation can be established: Even before your website launch, the brand can be recognized with the help of ‘coming soon’ page. When you provide all the information about your products on this page, visitors can know about you in advance. As such with the launch of the website, you will start getting informed visitors who already know much about you.
  3. Start getting subscriptions: Yes, it is totally possible even without a fully developed site. When you show the utility of your services to your audiences, you can get early subscriptions. Such that you will never start your website with zero leads. Include a glimpse of your website and what products/services you will be offering with the use of great graphics.
  4. You can get reviews: ‘Coming Soon’ page triggers customers reviews on various platforms, such that you can know what audiences expect from your website and what they like/dislike about you. You can get both supportive and critical suggestions.
  5. You can get social media attention: Announcing on social media about your website can potentially draw a large number of audience. A ‘coming soon’ page will provide a URL to social audiences to visit and to bookmark to get early perks.
  6. A perfect display of contact Info: If you have an offline store too, ‘coming soon’ page can attract audiences to the store. Online marketing is more powerful nowadays, you may have missed out on it because you thought that it does not matter for your offline store, but now you can efficiently promote both your online and offline stores.

Google also appreciates the use of ‘coming soon’ page for both the businesses and searchers. SEO company London suggest that it is pretty smart to direct audiences to a ‘coming soon’ page with some raw initial data rather than a blank page or 404 ‘Page Not Found’ page or ‘Website under construction’ page. As soon as your original content gets prepared, you can replace this page with the original forerunner website.

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