Paid Media or Earned Media: What is Worth your Investment?

We all know by now, that inbound links are more important than the paid links. Same goes for earned media and paid media too. Paid media means a company’s own media like their social media handles, press releases and advertisements. The Earned media, however, means media which is not paid for writing about the brand but does that anyway, to acknowledge people about it. SEO services in Kansas put efforts in earning a media rather than buying it. The process is slow but certainly worth the time and efforts. Let us know the three reasons why earned media is better to be focused than paid media.

Point 1: People Find Earned Media more reliable:

Since, the brand is not paying anyone to do the promotions, the goods and bads about the products are genuine and there is no partiality. The reviews and recommendations are highly unbiased, making them more reliable. The aim of paid media is only to highlight the good things about the product, so any reviews they showcase, are more like publicity stunts, rather than honest opinions.

Paid Media is, however, easy to acquire, but benefits are limited. Earned media takes time but benefits are unlimited, like influencing a great number of people and putting them on the path to purchase your product.

Point 2: Earned Media Provide More Information:

Through Paid media, many facts and figures are shadowed under the name of the confidentiality agreement, no such case with earned media. Each and every information is in front of the eyes of audiences, thus, they can know everything about the brand. It is ironic that even when paid media is company’s own media and it should now everything about the company, earned media is providing more information.

Point 3: Earned Media is Google Friendly:

Google supports positive and clean methods to achieve good SERP rankings. Earned media is such a clean way since you are not paying anyone to do the promotions, all the mentions and reviews are authentic. You get more clicks on its basis and when these clicks increase, the rankings become better and better.

So, now you know that earning media is important, let us tell you how you can earn such a media presence-

  1. Be honest about your product and pricing, because when you do so, you get people’s attention and many of these people are reporters, journalists and bloggers.
  2. Meet some influential people and have a chat, it is a way to attract them to your side. When these people get to know about you, they will surely mention you.
  3. Do something for your society, it is a great way to serve people and get noticed. The scope is limitless and so will be the stories about you. Do something to get media attention like organize a competition, give away free samples of your product or sponsor an event.
  4. Use your paid media effectively to gain earned media, a good advertising campaign can put you in front of eyes of audiences and you can impress some media persons too.

According to SEO Las Vegas, people get to know about a product through paid media, but their purchase decision is affected by earned media like review blogs, social media mentions, news reports etc. Even if you are using a great advertising agency and invested lavishly in an ad campaign, you cannot afford missing out completely on earning media, because at the end they are more influential than your ads.

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