How to Play with Titles in 6 Ways to Double Your Audiences

We, content writers, write to impress people, but always end up in writing to impress search engines. With so much pressure of being seen, we often forget that at the end real people judge our precise, not the crawling bots of the search engine. When you have written a piece, how can you make sure that it would be read? How can you make sure that it would even be clicked on? Well, nothing is too sure in the internet world, some bad write-ups become viral sometimes and some good ones disappear among the huge volume of content. Nowadays, every business promotes online and with the intention of being seen, they put a new content on the web every day (more than that too) and then there are bloggers too.

There is no scarcity of content, but only a few articles get a chance to be read. SEO Company Milton Keynes says that even in the world of indefinites, your content may stand a chance to get noticed if you playfully write catchy titles for your article. So, let us get ready to make some noise and get readers’ attention through our artistic writings.

  1. Use ‘best’ or ‘top’ in your article: People today search for the best thing available out there and they type on Google the same way too. When you title your article like that, the chances of getting clicks increases because people expect nothing less than the best.
  2. Insert numbers: When you use numbers in your article, people instantly visualize that this article would be easy to scan through and the read up time would also be less. Use of odd numbers like 9 or 17 also get people’s attention easily.
  3. Replace with a  fancy synonym: For becoming a people’s writer, you need not be rich in vocabulary. If you want to write interesting titles, use synonyms of very common words like for ‘easy’, you can use ‘easy-peasy’ (I just Googled it) or ‘effortless’. Using a hard-to-understand synonym can backfire very badly on you if your  readers are not the inquisitive ones.
  4. Try out question tags: Again, the world is inclined towards the mobile search and the queries are more in the interrogative form. If you start your article with a tag- when, why, how, and what, you can arouse the interests of audiences and as the cherry on top, you get to be appreciated by Google too.
  5. State a shocking fact: Who said facts cannot be interesting? For writing a title, they are a perfect choice. For e.g. ‘Every 5 Seconds, 2,005,000 posts are put on Facebook’. A strange fact captivates people’s attention.
  6. Go over-the-board with a promise: Make a nonsense promise with readers like ‘Become rich overnight’. It is not like you are cheating your audiences because you back your title with an equally good article. Anyhow, you audiences know that becoming rich overnight is not possible, but they would anyhow go ahead and read your article.

Our  title here, has one question tag ‘how’, one odd number ‘6’ and one weird promise ‘double your audience’.

Again, there is no sure formula to make a content viral, but at least, you can try it. Be honest with your article and do a genuine effort to provide something useful to your readers. SEO in Perth takes more time in deciding a title for the article then actually writing it. They believe that if the door to the article is attractive, people sure want to enter into.

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