Craft Your Content ‘tags’ the Smarter way

Do you ever wonder that out of a great number of articles and blogs on the internet why ‘those’ made a place on the first page of SERP? Why are some articles more famous in organic search than others? It is not a rocket science that will leave you wondering, the answer is right in front of us. This is because the popular articles are optimized according to Google. Google is just a fancy name for search nowadays and being having quite a monopoly, it controls what users will see for the query typed. It has its own rules and algorithms based on which it judges the relevance and quality of the content.

We collaborated with SEO services New York and found out that content representation is more important than content creation. If you have not presented your content in the way people can appreciate it, you cannot get clicks. The first thing that attracts readers is- title. That one line decides if the visitor is going to read your article or not. If the title is engaging, article will get a great number of readers. If you are confused about giving a title to your content, click here.

Coming back to our main concern, after writing the desired content, read it again. Is your article readable? Will people who just scan the articles, be able to go through your content? Yes, now it clicks to you; you have not used headlines. Headlines are very important for any article. They not only make the article readable, but they also help google with better indexing and retrieval of the content.

Four Important Content Tags

Let us talk about four major ‘tags’; their wise use can fuel your SEO motor to reach to the destination in less time.

Firstly, page title and article title. Very few people keep different titles for the page and the article. Sometimes, they do not even know that these two are different. Keeping a same name for the page and article shrinks the possibility to rank for a number of keywords. Google acknowledges both the page title and article title for indexing, but page title is designed for Google and article title is designed for readers. The Page title should be keyword based to help Google identifying the purpose of your content. The article title should be catchy and engaging to help readers connect with you better. It should be long enough to get people wondering ‘Title sounds interesting, what could be inside it?’

The next in the line is meta tags. Meta tags are the short description that says it all about the content. If you do not write the meta tags for your article, Google picks up from the first paragraph of the article and cut it short whenever the word limit is reached. If you write your own meta tag, you can better deliver to your audiences. Your title would be justified easily with the help of these meta tags. From the organic search too, audiences can get an idea of what they are going to get inside the article.

Last are the headlines- h1, h2 tags. These headlines make the article more readable and easily distinguishable. Writing article under headlines makes it legit and Google can also index it better. If your headlines have keywords, the article can make a place in the search results for that keyword.

Orlando SEO Company swear by these techniques to craft a search optimized content. SEO is a complicated process that runs for forever but content representation in the right way can do the quick trick.

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