SEO KPIs That You Should Maintain Regularly

Whether you are the owner of any successful firm like SEO company Los Angeles, whether you are a marketer, SEO expert, website owner, executive or analyst you need to maintain certain KPIs on time. It is important to analyse and prioritize the major indicators of the performance of websites. These indicators help to plan the future tactics and strategies if they are checked timely.

Here are some of the integral KPIs which everyone should act upon right now:

1.Website Ranking:

Website ranking is the greatest indicator of your success till date. You need to check it every now and then. Even if you are sure that your website ranking is not going anywhere, it will be the same, then too you should check it regularly.

So, to keep it in check, find out a suitable ranking solution for your site. Some of the best ones are SEOClarity Conductor, Search Metrics, Advanced Web Ranking, MozRank Checker. Apart from using these ranking solution, you should also find out which pages are ranked on page 2 and what all you can do to switch them to page1.

2.Organic search impressions and clicks:

If you own a website then how many organics search impressions and clicks it came across is the major factor to look upon. You can find out through Google Analytics. What you have to check is the CTR of your pages. If your web page has high organic impressions but has less CTR then understand that there are some flaws in your titles or headlines. Also, check the meta description tag.

3.Just organic search shares:

Apart from other search metrics the major SEO tactics which describe the success of your website are the organic searches, conversions, revenue generated from the website. They will decide the importance of SEO for your organization.

To keep these in check you should create and circulate a dashboard which will give monthly year over year all the organic search trends.

4.Metrics of your landing page:

They are the key indicators of your performance. There are many of them but the major ones are your organic visits and bounce rates. Renowned SEO companies like Memphis SEO state that Google has always worked towards rewarding those websites which have benefitted maximum users. So, to find out your organic visits and bounce rates you need to order your analytics report. You can achieve this by sorting your organic visits and make a note of the pages with a higher bounce rate. Users mostly bounce from a site when they do not get the relevant content or the targeted keywords are wrong. So, evaluate from this report and work accordingly.


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