One-Man/Woman Social Media Marketing

Let us skip the part where we tell you that social media is very important to enhance the brand value and establish brand authorization. We all know that, let’s quickly jump to the ways through which even a single person can manage the social media marketing for a business very well. All thanks to an SEO in Cambridge who illustrated us with these tricks.

  1. Schedule to publish: When a single person has the responsibility to do it all, it is not possible for him to be at his desk to publish the articles all the times. You can put articles in the buffer and use auto-schedule tools to post articles to the designated social media.
  2. Do not try to use all social media: It is Ok to be active at a few social accounts; maybe 2-3 and leave the rest. When it comes to your presence, the quality matters, not quantity. If your business requires putting pictures of your products (like for fashion industry), use Instagram or Pinterest otherwise facebook and twitter are fine. If you are in a more serious profession like SEO (not that other professions are not serious, but you get the point, right?), prefer LinkedIn.
  3. Modify content for each social media: Many people have accounts on different social media. If you target them posting the same content on each social media, you will be seen as repetitive and people may lose interest in you. You do not have to do much, just change the format of your content- from text to gif to pictures to a presentation.
  4. Optimize the old content: If you do not have a fresh content to post, you can re-post your old content and see if people are liking it, like the first time they did. Chances are that people who loved this post will appreciate it again and those who didn’t read it before; well, it is a new content for them after all. You can also change the format of this post like we suggested for different social media. Remember not to  post recent article again, the article should be at least 6 months old, otherwise, it would seem repetitive.
  5. Do not publish: Well, this is odd! Do not publish? Yes, you should know when not to publish your articles. Consistency is the key to success, but if you think intelligently, you can know that not every article is read daily. Give your audience time to read your article and then publish the next one. In the case of a worldwide news like natural calamity or terrorist attacks, do not publish, because no one is gonna read it and it would be buried under the news. Try to publish the articles at the times when the majority of people come online and have some time to spare to read content.
  6. Say yes to help: Even when you are doing all work by yourself, it is good to take help. Use various software for scheduling, data collection and reporting. These tools are very helpful to lighten the burden and give appropriate insights about your efforts and their effects too. If any member of your company agrees to lend a helping hand, accept it. PR team or SEO team can help in social marketing too. Your ultimate aim is the success of the business, so always be ready to accept help if someone offers.

With the help of these tricks, even a single person can do the social media marketing. Nothing is impossible when we make our mind for it. SEO company uk believes in that and so do us. Do you too?

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