Is Guest Posting Losing Its Value?

Guest posts are one of the important methods in which we can build valuable links. This is what we have heard and this is what we are doing. But are we doing it the right way? Are we responsible for the slow death of guest posting? Somewhere or the other the answer is yes. The SEOs and the people related to digital marketing are leading to the deterioration of guest posts.

One rather important thing to keep in mind is that guest posts were never a strategy they were always a tactic. A tactic to earn good valuable links to our sites. Guest posting is not a strategy because a strategy includes detailed planning and a specific target while a tactic is a simple way to achieve it and guest blogging is simply a method only.

Kansas SEO company said that marketers and SEO think that Google hates SEO and that is why they keep on generating methods and updates which curb all the SEO tactics and that is the reason Google is now curbing guest blogging also. But this assumption about Google is totally wrong. Google doesn’t hate SEO tactics but it hates automated tactics which do not value the actual website visitors. Those practices which are not for the user and focus only on earning links just to improve search rankings are the most disliked practices. Therefore, guest blogging is losing its importance in front of Google because SEOs are ruining this tactic also.

Why is Google no more supporting Guest Posting?

Matt Cutts just issued a decree which stated that guest blogging is done. His decree is leading to the death of another SEO tactic. This is all because of us who are using illegal practices or some or the other ways which do not focus on the user’s intent and are just to impress the search engine. Just as people are responsible for the fall of directories, press releases, infographics, forums and comments similarly they are ruining guest blogging too.

But how can the SEOs and website owners spam on their own blog? They cannot be that foolish, they are acting more foolish than this. The mistake which people are doing is they post irrelevant content just for the sake of posting. They have posted so much of it that readers do not even bother to read it. Then slowly sites started to automate the content. Experienced SEO experts from Las Vegas SEO company say that if your strategy is to target the right audience through useful content and connections then no one can snatch your success from you, not even Google can question you.

Google just hates spammy guest blogging, not the actual ones:

Your guest blogging will work if you are user oriented. We all that link building leads to ranking and ranking leads to traffic. But in this greed of getting links, we have actually forgotten that the real goal is getting the traffic. So, this tactic might be dead from, link building, page rank, or google manipulating point of view but if you still write the original content only for users this tactic might be beneficial for you again.


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