Google’s Plans for Slow Internet Connection

Slow internet can happen to anyone; in elevators, basements and less network coverage areas. As such no matter you have 4G or you are trying to access light apps, it would simply won’t work. While it may come as a surprise, but the majority of mobile users still suffer from slow internet. It may be due to their network or because of their geographical location. Google being the friend and saviour, it thinks that search experience of no one should suffer because of a slow internet connection. SEO Company Phoenix tells us that Google’s ‘Lite’ initiative was a first step towards the ‘Internet for all’ campaign.

Why Google and Facebook care for Speed?

Speed is the main concern for Google and Facebook because a majority of internet users use mobile for search purposes and likewise; a majority of Facebook users use mobile phones. With the increasing use of mobile phones for both the purposes, the need to optimize according to internet speed is a prime concern.

What did Google do?

As mentioned, Google launched ‘Web lite’ proposal for decreasing the size of app or page such that it can load in lesser time and with slow connections too. As a next step, AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages) launched which is considered as the next wave of mobile revolution. These pages are fast and can load in slower connections too. The AMPs appear as a carousel above organic results, but now they are only utilized for news pages which can be accessed directly from the search results and switching from one news to other is convenient.

What is in it for Google?

Google want to reach to people with slow internet connections because they constitute a major part of total mobile using population. The ultimate aim of Google is making search experience world class and speed is a prime constituent of that experience. It is crucial that when a user searches on mobile, the results appear quickly and they can access the results faster. When slow connection users also can access internet, it simply means more revenue for Google.

What is next?

Google is trying to make Chrome (most popular browser) faster and lighter, such that it compresses old files up to 26%. This new chrome is not only fast, it will drain less battery too. Aren’t we all the victims of fast-draining batteries? It is certainly a positive change that we will get to see in the near future. Google also shows different search results for slow and fast internet connections; fast connections have top sites which are more interactive while slow connections do not have these websites in the result. Read about it more in our next article.

What does that mean for web designers and SEOs?

Google is including this ‘connection-based loading speed’ in the ranking algorithm soon. Web designers need to keep the size of websites and apps as small as possible to increase their loading speed. SEOs have a rather difficult task now. The interactive sites will soon lose their edge for the slow internet connections. They will not even make a place on the search engine. The optimization needs to be done keeping in mind all kinds of internet users.

San Francisco SEO predict that connection speed would prove to be a game-changer for SEO. Eventually, it would play a vital role in deciding search rankings.

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