Google Tag Manager – How Is It Helpful For Your Business?Part1

Rules and requirements say that if you own a website then you should track its performance every now and then. If you are doing so then it is great. Every business owner whether emerging or established would have Google analytics installed to track their progress from every point of view. This practice is well appreciated but now Google has unfolded a universal and unique strategy for the same. Are you aware of it?

Now, you might be wondering what is this new thing? Many of you would be familiar with this new advent and many of you would not. Let us analyze a case, whenever you create a Facebook ad campaign to a landing page It needs a conversion tracking pixel installed. This is a piece of code that displays a hidden pixel on the ‘Thank you’ page. if that pixel is displayed, it means the person completed the task you were advertising for.

Similarly, when you use Crazy egg to track all the clicks and impressions on your site then you need to install certain codes on each page.

These examples show that using them becomes tricky because they involve changes in codes of your web pages and this leads to a mess. Denver SEO team states that every time they have to get into different files and set those codes in the right places. If you are not well aware of coding then, of course, you have to ask your development team to indulge in this job. All this becomes very complicated and it is possible that you might spoil your site.

Google Tag Manager:

To eliminate all the above issues Google has unfolded its new work known as Google tag manager in 2012. Though it has already been there since long but still many companies are unaware of it. Are you also?

How is this helping your business?

According to Houston SEO experts, this Google Tag Management System replaces hard-coded tags used for marketing, analytics, and testing with dynamic tags. These dynamic tags can be easily updated without any complications. Google Tag Manager is free of cost and any business owner can use it. You just have to put one piece of code on your website once, and you can manage all tags related to Google Analytics, Facebook tracking pixels, CrazyEgg tracking code, and many others through the interface every time. There is no need to ask anyone to place these codes in right places.

Your development team will put the right code for the tag manager on all the pages once and then whenever you want to change there is no need to change the whole code. You just have to put new tags in and out of the bucket. The coolest thing is that you can control these tags through the tag manager web interface.


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