Google Files: How to Make a Data-driven Content Creative

Do you think that fact and figures based content is boring? Don’t worry; you are certainly not the only one. According to SEO company Atlanta, it is a real challenge for all the content writers to develop content which is data-driven but at the same time engaging too. Many people think that both the concepts are poles apart; a factual thing cannot be creative and creative thing cannot be factual. Well, they cannot be more wrong and if you are wondering how it can be possible, keep reading to get your answers.

Once again, to rescue us from the complicated situation of developing a data driven creative content, our knight in the shinning amour; Google has emerged with a solution. The solution is easy to understand and even easier to implement. Let us go through the three steps that Google has suggested in such a case.

Step 1: Understand your data and categorize it

It is important to understand your data, not just acknowledging it. The data should not be embedded in content, in spite the content need to be woven around your data. With the help of Analytics tool (there are many more tools available other than Google Analytics too), you can identify your audiences and know more about them. The content should be based on targeting these groups of audiences, sorted on the basis of gender, age, profession and geographical location.

Not all the data are equal, so you need to categorize them into three parts- which fuels creative writing, which can be made creative and which is pure data and cannot ignite creative writing. When you know all three types of data you have, you need to focus more on the first two. Develop a good engaging and factual content that provide both knowledge and humour. When you are creating such content, slipping one or two ‘not so creative but a lot data’ content will not make a great fuss.

Step 2: Involve creative agencies from outside the firm

Every SEO Company recommends that businesses should take help from professionals to rank their website in first SERP. Often they forget themselves that taking help is good, so they do not involve any creative team from outside. If you have creative writers in-house, it is great but every now and then hiring a creative team can unlock new doors. So, it is wise to hire professionals and learn from them, and then you can continue with your own thoughts.

Step 3: Team work is important

Generally what happens in any company is; you perform task in teams and on completion of your assignment, you forward it to the next team in chain. It may work for any other company but not for SEO company. The four teams – analytic, content development, web development and , marketing teams should work together as one. Any data driven content can be made creative only when it is written creatively, designed creatively and marketed creatively. The future of any content depends on the tuning among these SEO teams.

As per Best Seo Company In Austin, it is very tough to create a data- driven content innovatively, but not if you have reached to this article. We hope that these steps make sense to you and help you to become more confident in creating data-driven content.


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