Google’ AMP Can’t Be Ignored

AMP or the Accelerated Mobile Pages is the project unfolded by Google in which the companies can create mobile optimized pages and can get them loaded instantly anywhere. This simply means that now whatever you are going to search Google will list all the AMP enabled websites which have the relevant content.

Speed is the most important thing when you have to impress your consumers and yes Google’s AMP is providing you this facility only. Whatever option you click on you will get it opened instantly. Reports from SEO services USA say, the AMP pages load four times faster than the normal mobile optimized pages.

Everyone has tried to bring the best:

Facebook, Apple and then Google every tech giant is working towards providing instant services in loading a web page. Google reports that 40% of  users will leave your site if it does not load in 3 seconds. Generally mobile sites take 8 seconds to load.

Facebook came up with its instant articles feature, Apple set forth its Apple news and now Google is ready with AMP. The only reason why Google’s AMP is more in demand because they are providing an open source platform rather than an application. Publishers have their sites cached when AMP is enabled and this allows those sites to load in advance. Most of the renowned publishers want to be with Google and are using their services.

Technical Side of AMP:

All the credits go to technology. A local SEO company in Atlanta reported that around 5000 developers are working on the Github repository of AMP program to  serve the needs of the users. AMPs are divided into three sections:

  • AMP HTML is a new version of HTML and is full of new features and custom AMP commands.
  • AMP JS is a new version of Javascript structure of mobile which helps to load all external resources asynchronous.
  • AMP Content Delivery Network will take your AMP optimized content and cache them for faster delivery.

These AMP pages are even faster than mobile optimized pages. They load less design but load faster. They remove the unnecessary Javascript tags and other features in order to load your site faster than anyone else. So, now every SEO and any website owner would have been clear and have got the answer to their question that should their site be enabled with AMP or not.

Reducing server response times, optimizing images and videos , doing browser caching is now nothing. You just need to enable AMP and see the speed. After all, it is speed that matters.



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