Changes in Search Result Page: What if You don’t like it?

Google is always changing the appearance of search results page. A recent addition to this change is- four ads on the top and no ad on the right side. Many a time, due to this ever-changing Google search page, websites lose their rankings. If you are one of those businesses which lost ranking due to these changes, you ought to hate them. It is Ok if you do not like these changes, but what’s next? Google is not going to change the ‘change’, just because some businesses are against it. According to SEO Chester, you need to learn to adapt, if you cannot change anything. Here are three ways through which you can positively embrace the Google changes and move ahead with tactics to counteract them.

1.  Wait for the next change

Wait till Google rolls out next change, maybe you actually like it. This does not mean that you do nothing for handling the present scenario. You need to polish up your SEO efforts to make your position in the search results even more strong. This time, there are four ads at the top, maybe in the coming times, whole first page be filled with ads and users have to go to the second one to find the organic listings. The central point is- with every change, you need to put in even more efforts to safeguard your position in the search rankings.

2. Work hard for users who prefer organic results

All the changes are focused on amplifying the user’s search experience. You need to accept the fact that most of the searcher out there do not care about the ads, this is the reason why right-hand side ads had so less click through rates. They appeared clearly as ads and searchers didn’t want to go to the ad. Organic results will never lose their position and importance in the search results. If you are adopting clean white hat SEO tactics, you need not to fear any change. They cannot halt your progress, maybe slow down a little. High volume searches still convert to organic results only.

3. See the change as a fix to a problem

All the Google updates happened to fix the problems that became a roadblock for audiences to reach the solution they wanted. For e.g. panda update fixed keyword stuffing, and penguin update fixed link building. You only need to fear when you are one of those people tricking Google with wrong SEO methods. Even when Google has increased the number of ads at the top, the overall number of ads on a page is decreased, this means more relevant results for the searched query.

Everyone has a different perspective to see a change; some think it’s a problem, for some people it is a change for good. You need to decide which side you wanna be. SEO agency Leeds says that change is beautiful, and you should learn to accept it. Sitting idle and cursing Google would not do any good to you. Understand the change and steer your efforts accordingly.

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