Catchy or Keyword: What to base Content Titles on?

Content titles are important because they decide whether your content will be considered for reading or not. If the title is captivating or arousing, people read it further, but if it is boring and monotonous, the chances of clicks are less, no matter what it carries inside. According to SEO Miami, most of the people read the content only because of two reasons- they want to get the information or they find the title interesting.

As a part of an SEO Company, we know that keywords are equally important and if the title contains the keyword, the chances of ranking on the first page of search engine increases. So, there arises the question- what should the content title be based on- catchiness or keyword? To know the correct approach, keep reading.

Importance of Catchy Titles

Catchy titles attract more audiences as compared to highly specific keyword based titles. When people read a title, either they find it curious and what to know more about it, or they find it humorous and opt to get more fun out of reading it. Anyway, catchy titles are shared over the social media more and get more likes.

These kind of titles also attract inbound links, since getting genuine links is very important for brand recognition, they are the real deal. If you think that your vote goes to catchy titles, read the next section too.

Importance of Keyword based Titles

There is no need to mention that the ultimate aim of any business is getting success and occupying that top position in the search engine for the targeted keyword. If the title contains the keyword, indexing of content and knowing its intent is better. When Google retrieves the results, content can be quickly identified as a relevant one and get clicks easily.

Our advice has always been to include keywords in the content because we want search visibility and organic traffic. The time has changed and it is not necessary that we keep doing what we have been. It is time to discover new ideas to get the best out of both the worlds. So, we have found out a middle path which almost every content writer can pull off and get praises from his SEO team too.

The New Improved Approach

Firstly you decide what is your aim for the time being. Do not think for the long term, because titles are not for forever, you can change them anytime if one does not work. So, identify what do you want now, at this moment- the organic traffic or links? If you want any one of them, you can go with the two approaches, but if you are as greedy as us, you need to think a little bit.

Google is proud of its capability to identify the synonyms (or intended meaning) for a keyword, means it can identify when you are searching for ‘best bat’, you mean the sports bat and not the night roamer mammal ‘bat’. So, what you can do is use synonyms of the keywords that you are targeting, thus while retrieving the results, if your content is relevant, it would appear for the keyword (irrespective of the fact that it is not in the title). Now, with so many synonyms for a word, you can get one or two which are more vibrant and catchy.

The second approach can be- you name your content catchy without any keyword and when you have enough inbound links and made quite a list of regular visitors, you can change the title to keyword based. The advantage of this approach is that you have gained enough links and audiences through those links and now, by changing it, you can get organic traffic too.

It is fact, no one can deny that there is a huge volume of content out there, but very few are read. If you can make it interesting and get links, you should do that first. Nashville SEO favours this technique because it is both smart and cool. It helps you to kill two birds with the same stone.


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