Are You Bored Of Your Website?

People who own a website or are from some SEO consulting firm they know that it needs regular updating, they need regular changes in content, images and their normal layout. If you think you are really bored of your current content and design then it is possible that your users are also having the same opinion. If this is true then you should hurry up and update your website because it would harm your sales and you might lose your existing customers.

It is possible that your website seems to be boring to you but still it is doing its job well. Iis attracting new users and is still displayed in the search results. If you feel like changing anything on your website then first confirm that you should change it or not.

Here are some of the things which Calfornia SEO companies have brought forward that you should change on your website:

  • You can post new blogs daily. This will keep the customers attached to you because they will get a new thing to read everyday. When they will get new ideas they will not get bored. The same thing goes with you also if you will post everyday your website will not look boring.
  • If the present call to action forms, ads and offers are not working then you should change them immediately. Your changes should be based on accurate data and once changed you should not update it again soon. You need time to check whether your updates are working or not.
  • Outdated information should be removed, for example, if any member is new in your company then his or her details. If any product is launched ten its information should be updated correctly.
  • If your website is still using those animations that have lost their value or if your website is still not mobile friendly then renew it as soon as possible.

Things which you should not change:

  • Many website owners indulge in enhancing their blog titles and content by trying different font styles, italics, and bold features. If you are among them then stop using such practices. The more you will decorate the less it will be clearly visible. If you want to play with fonts and colours the try them on your Pinterest account.
  • If you think that your site structure is not correct then you can always change it but if you are just moving things around then stop it.
  • Delete only those blog posts which are really obsolete and do not hold any importance. But if the posts can be edited and refreshed again then do that. No need to remove your posts until they are causing any harm.
  • Changing colours and theme can make you lose your old visitors. If you are rebranding then you can change but if you are bored and you are changing it because of that then it can cost you a lot. People will think that they are in the wrong place and can immediately bounce from your site.

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