47.3% of Small & Medium Businesses do not have Mobile-friendly Sites

It may sound like a fake news or a failed attempt to bring visitors to this article, because who does not have a mobile-friendly website nowadays? Well, it is neither of these, it is part of a report issued by Local Search Association LSA based on a survey conducted in Jan 2016. At least, this percent is better than the 67% as was in 2015. Not only searchers but Google also prefer fast loading mobile sites, but still small and medium sized businesses do not optimize their mobile site because of two reasons- finance and focus. They do not have enough finance to appoint a good SEO firm like SEO agency Bristol and their main focus is the maintenance of their local shops.

These businesses have no idea how many audiences they are missing out because of this mistake. They may think that their audiences do not use mobile search for shopping, but according to the report by LSA, 60% people use mobiles to search for local information online. 60% is a big number, and chances are most of these 60% people do not reach to businesses with mobile-unfriendly sites at all. Let us know more facts that the report revealed.

  1. Businesses with mobile sites get double audiences than businesses without a mobile site.
  2. Half of the traffic of top 100 digital media websites is mobile.
  3. 57% of mobile users do not recommend a business with the bad mobile site, to a friend.
  4. 40% people quickly hit the ‘back’ button and go to the competitor’s site after visiting a horrible mobile website which takes more than 3 seconds to load. 3 seconds; that’s a challenge! Mobile users are more impatient than the desktop browsers.

What does it all means for Small & Medium Businesses?

SMBs which are more dedicated to increasing their local business rather than online business, they should either shut their sites, so that mobile users do not face a disappointment or they should up their game. Today’s users want speed, and patience is at all low now. As the content volume on website increases, the page size increases and so does the loading time.

They need to filter the content and bring fresh content, letting go of the old ones. A more appropriate method is to have a blog too. Put all the content on the blog and place only relevant keyword based content on the web. With Mobilegeddon, web speed has become an important ranking signal, mobile-optimization is no longer optional. With increasing expectations of users, Google also has tightened the strings. Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages are the future.

Local businesses need to change to fit in. They can take professional help from Cambridge SEO agency to format the website. Google is on the path to providing great user experience, and it will not stop, you need to be prepared for every change. Negative shopping experience would be very damaging for your business. If you are a visionary man and want to take your small local business to the queue of big brand names, you need to start from mobile-izing your website.

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