Why Is Your WordPress Website Slow? – Problems With Solutions

A slow WordPress site is the general problem of every blogger who is using WordPress. It is recommended that your website should load within 3 seconds,  experts from SEO in Ajman say that If it takes more than that then your users will leave your website and switch to another.

Here are some of the problems which are causing this latency in loading your website along with their solution:

  • The first and foremost reason for your slow site can be a cheap host. You should find out a good and effective host for your website. The loading speed depends on this factor a lot. It is recommended to use inmotion hosting wordpress powerplan.

  • The other thing which you should do is remove query strings from your static resources. Many URLs contain ‘?’ in its URL, hence the presence of this string leads to slow loading speed of your website.

  • Optimize your images because they can also be a big reason behind the slow loading speed of your WordPress site. There are many ways to optimize images apart from them you can use a plugin called WP smush and optimize your images fast and easily.

  • It is recommended by SEO company Dubai that content delivery network is very beneficial in increasing the speed of your wordpress site. This facility encrypts your website data and helps in secure content delivery. There are many CDN providers but mostly CloudFlare and MaxCDN are recommended.

  • Avoid Js files in your sites and choose asynchronous scripts in your file. JS files are not recommended because they make your sites heavy and slow to load. Many users who use Adsense they use Js files but there is another option of using asynchronous script also, so users should go for that.

  • You can also leverage browser caching and to do so you need to write the expiry time of headers. This can be done in two ways: using WordPress plugin or editing .htaccess file.

  • Enable gzip compression of your website. This will help you to compress your site up to 70% hence it will definitely speed up the loading of your website.

  • If there are any bad requests like 404 error on your website, redirect it to some other website. As it will hamper your site’s speed you need to use tools like Quick redirects to ensure such errors do not occur on your site.

  • Minimize the usage the of java scripts, CSS and HTML it will improve the loading speed.

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