What Should You Do If Your Social Media Content Has Been Stolen?

Social media is the most simple and the popular way of selling your services and products and attract maximum users. To achieve this you need to carry out various activities like drafting a good quality content, doing research, creating meaningful ads. All these jobs need a lot of dedication and money of course to drive maximum traffic. How would you feel if your content is copied by others? That original work which you had crafted on your own working day and night goes into the hands of someone else in just a snap of fingers.

So, here are some steps recommended by SEO USA which you should follow immediately once you know that your social media content has been stolen:

1.Send a friendly email:

Once you are confirm that it is your content there on someone else’s site then do not panic before doing anything, send a friendly email. In that email state politely to remove the content. Don’t use any kind of forceful or stern language in this mail. Just be simple and calm and tell them whatever you want from them. If you want the content removed then ask them politely to do so.

2.Terms of service:

You should first check the terms of service of the site where you posted your content. Facebook and Twitter allow you to report copyright infringements. You should also check into the policies of the website where the content is copied because they might be having their own copyright infringement notification procedures.

  1. DMCA Notice:

There are various  tools offered on various social media sites to protect your copyrights but copyright holders can also have their content taken down using a DMCA Takedown Notice. In this what you need to do is to determine the Internet Service Provider hosting the site where the content is posted and then forward your letter there.


If all your efforts are going waste then Atlanta SEO recommends that there is no need to lose your patience just contact a trustworthy attorney. They will charge some fee but they will pose a great impact on the website owner who has stolen your content. You can send a cease and desist letter to them as it has more power because it is from the law office.

If your content is stolen then you should neither sit quiet nor panic. Follow these above steps because it is your content and protecting it is your right.

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