What Are You Missing In Your Corporate Blogging?

Have you ever wondered why some sites have a large number of followers on their blog and some do not? Many site owners think that if they own a site then they should have a blog related that. This is absolutely true but then in this belief, they create a blog and then forget it. They have a traditional mindset that it will automatically grow and people will know about it.

This mindset leads to the destruction of their corporate blog. Here are some of the things which you need to remember to be the owner of a successful corporate blog:

  • Chicago SEO company states that when companies set up their corporate blogs they think it will generate leads and have this mentality that it will flourish on its own. But slowly they realise that they need to adopt some tactics in order to attract sales. Many marketing departments also have the same assumption for the corporate blogs. They assume that their blog will earn new traffic but this is not the major role of their blog. Everyone needs to understand that the real role of a blog is to generate your previous traffic which is considerably more likely to complete a call to action.

  • Blogging is not only about building readership it is also about commitment. To earn relevant readers you have to post regularly. When the readers will notice that you post at the same day every week they will visit your site regularly that day. Slowly they will recommend it to others too.

  • Dallas SEO company states that once your audience start believing you they will subscribe your blog and will expect that they get email notifications regularly. Many site owners lose this opportunity by providing just a teaser to their audience then people have to click on it and then go to their site. The false belief is that site owners think that users need to visit their site then only their it will be beneficial for them. But this is not true, unless your revenue is driven by site advertising, there is no need for users to click through to read your blog .

  • A press releases is meant for professional journalists. It is designed to encourage journalists to write about your product or service. It is not designed for your customers. So there is no need to add it in your corporate blog.

  • One most important fact to consider for successful corporate blogging is to remember that people don’t like to trust or want to work with corporations. They want to build connections with people of that company. It is therefore important that a corporate blog should about the people within your organisation, not the organisation itself.

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