Overcome The Challenge Of Content Migration

Website owners and SEO companies are all threatened with the name of content migration. Content migration is one of the toughest jobs when you have to create a new website and that old data is to be transferred there. It simply deals with ignoring any kind of issue related to the content on your website. You may even bump your conversion rates when dealing with content migration.

It is also possible that even if you update and organise your information again, things will not come out right. Experts from California SEO company say that this is because there will be a lot of differences between the content and the structure of the website. The user will not find his journey to your website as continuous.

It means that your website will Fail to address content in a redesigned website and this means that means that your all fresh and new website will inherit the problems from your old one. Your redesigned website will be a duplicate of your previous one. It will be full of bloated content which you should be removing. But this is also true that if you want your site to be changed then it is the only way to do it.

How To overcome this challenge:

When you create a new big site you think you have no other choice other than content migration because you cannot write the whole thing again for such a big site. Other problems also arise in your mind like if you will ask some of your colleagues that you are removing their content and you are keeping the content of rest of them then there will be political issues. You will not be able to decide that which content you should keep and which you should remove.

So, it is recommended by SEO Portland that if your site is not so big you  should remove all the content. This will  help you get rid of political issues also because then everybody will be treated equal as you will remove everybody’s content. Now what about the big sites? Big site owners should look at their analytics. Your analytics will show those pages which are most viewed by your audience. This is true that your vast audience would look only 20% of your site. So, once you get the idea that which pages are mostly viewed you can design the content of those pages only. Cut short the length of your content initially later on you can go on adding.

A Process to start from scratch:

If you want to start from the scratch then ask some set of relevant questions from your users. Know their ideas their needs and write them. After that answer those questions according to you and arrange them according to a priority. At the end organise them along their functional tasks.

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