Learn how simple changes can affect AdWords performance!

If your ad spend is indicating issues with your AdWord account performance and you have no idea how to handle it, this article can provide all the assistance and control to you.

Firstly we will be talking about those areas which are making your money go fail even after investing in one of the best places like SEO Cambridge.

The basic objective of the AdWords budget is to buy you those clicks which contain a huge possibility to getting a convert. This is basically intent based marketing and your ads should be seen when people searches for something related to what you have to offer.

You can very easily estimate your high-intent searches by simply looking at your search team reports. They allow you to check your search term outcomes. In case your campaigns are running efficiently, your ads will show up and should be taken to a landing page that meets the needs of the customers and results in their conversion.

However most of the time it doesn’t work as smoothly as it sounds.  Almost 76 percent of the budget of an average AdWords account gets wasted. Out of that 61 percent of ad spend is wasted because of the incorrect search expressions.

Luckily, fruitless ad spend is a very easy problem to fix. You control your keywords that will regulate your search terms. So, if a search term isn’t converting, you can stop paying for it irrespective of the size of your SEO Company. Even if you have appointed a big shot like SEO Cambridge, they are supposed to support you in every way! Isn’t that very beneficial!

Remember, this approach simply just focuses the budget on what’s working. As a result, you simply get exponentially better results from the productive keywords and search terms.

How to take control of your wasted ad spend

Fortunately, this approach is fairly direct.

  1. Get your conversion tracking working

You’ll want to make sure that you have great conversion tracking in place. You need to track every type of conversion that comes from your ads through all the mediums like telephonic calls, chat messages, etc.

  1. Pull your Search Terms report

Once you’ve got your account filled with the quality conversion data compiled over a few months, you can check where your budget is really heading to. It’s imperative to run your analysis preferably three to six months of data collection. You need to look in a larger aspect to get a good feel for how things are working since there can be a lot of variabilities in which search terms produce results.

  1. Discard the waste

Now you can finally move to fix up your account. The Search Terms report will tell you either of the two things:

  1. You probably need to consider rebuilding your account from the base. Create novel, highly engrossed campaigns around the keywords and search terms that are working. This alone will expand your campaign performance.
  2. On the other hand, if your account is working correctly, you should be able to use this report to recognize a variety of specific harms. Irrespective of the particulars, looking at where your ad spend is being misused will give you a ton of understanding into how to advance campaign performance.


Wasted ad spend is a huge meter of the bad health of your AdWords account. Fortunately, it is almost entirely under your control. So, if you want to boost your sales, take a tough look at your final reports. This acute report offers the main information that you need in order to eradicate waste and intensely advance campaign performance.

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