How Is Marketing Changing With Facebook’s Optimized Like Button

Facebook is the leading social media platform globally. There is nothing new in this sentence, right? This platform has worked a lot in changing the social networking scenario. Around 1.5 billion users login into this platform every month. From a long time people have been demanding for a dislike button and now Facebook has come forward with something more innovative.


Many SEO companies like SEO services in UAE have stated that after years of testing and developing they have unfolded the optimized like button where now you just have to click and select which feeling you want to post and your work is done. This new feature is proving out quite useful for this fast pacing world.


Facebook has now increased the options for it’s users. Earlier they had only like, share, and comment but now this optimized like button offers alternatives like sad, angry, love, haha, wow, yay. This has made Facebook more interesting to operate. Now people can truly show their feeling towards the posts.


Why This Change?


Facebook has always worked for the users. Only ‘like’ option was not sufficient for the users. Whenever there was something sad or emotional content to be posted then liking it used to give an awkward sense to it. Now this problem is solved. You need not comment and simple choose your feeling.


How can this help in marketing?


  • Be smart and engage users in using this new optimized like button. Once your users know about it they will be eager to use it. New things always lure people and hence this new feature. People will share their other reactions too on your post. You can start with asking people their views on this optimized like button feature.


  • You will now get refined reactions and you will be able to understand them better. This approach will help you gain more clear response of your visitors and will prepare you for your future posts.


  • As you will get more clear reactions this will help you to be more user centric. This is the problem with many brands as they focus on their business and product first and after that users. This approach should be culminated and you should be totally user oriented.


  • The best advantage of this optimized like button is that it will reduce negative views on your posts. As there is one emoticon stating angry reaction on your post so people will prefer to click it rather than writing comments in order to save time. It is easy to convey their feelings if they do not like your post.

Experts from Ajman SEO also say that this new feature of Facebook is quite different and is opening new doors to the world of marketing. It is not only from business point of you but it is fun to use these emoticons and create a personal bond.


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