Flash Player – The Story From its Rise To Its Downfall

Adobe Flash Player, this name is heard by almost everyone round the globe. We used to install it on our desktops and laptops to watch videos and enjoy online movies. It was a great platform which evolved the internet a lot into its present form. But continuous ignorance and criticism from the web developers and common folks now Flash Player is slowly coming to its downfall.

Here’s how Adobe Flash Player was once the ruler and now it is not even treated as a slave:

According to SEO companies in Dubai the emergence of Flash player started when it was a part of a drawing application SmartSketch for pen computers. Slowly this application gained its importance on Windows and Mac hence giving Flash Player an opportunity to be recognized.

Gradually Flash Player became a contender of the rapidly emerging platform Macromedia Shockwave as stated by an SEO agency. With this option Macromedia started distributing Flash Player as it’s free plugin and soon it was being used more than Windows media player. In 2007 Adobe realized the popularity of these platforms and acquired all of them including flash player. Youtube was also using flash player for its video playback as a standard.

What led to its downfall:

In 2010 Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple said in his open letter that why was Flash player losing its grounds. He brought many problems to light associated to it like it was proprietary rather than format, security problems, not mobile friendly and the most important was that Flash player was not ready to give away the control over app development of Ios devices over to a company other than Apple. Since then the clash between Adobe and Apple led to the doom of this platform.

Other factors responsible for its disappearance are:

  • Earlier users used flash player for android but later after removal of flash from ios devices this application lost its existence from mobile. But still there are app developers who use Adobe AIR a flash based app development tool.
  • One major drawback of flash player is that it is not an open source. There are new options available which provide complete options to modify the source code.
  • This platform is exceptionally heavy for your devices. It places a lot of workload on your devices when playing normal videos.
  • Flash player is insecure, The 10.3 version of Flash Player provides remote access to your privacy settings. Everyone on internet just looks for security. They want safe browsing. Many exploiters have taken advantage of using the vulnerabilities in Flash.

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