7 Wonderful Sites which Can Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Marketers and ecommerce business owners are just busy advertising on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more. Ad campaigns of SEO companies in dubai on these sites are quite successful. They provide a wonderful platform to attract the users. These social media sites have become so common that each and every business owner whether he is a plumber or some organization’s head market their business here. This has led to a stiff competition.

Business owners should make their search more broad and look at some other sites which can help them bring traffic to their website. These social media sites are just the top layer of web traffic. There are other options too.

Here are 7 sites which can help you drive a lot of traffic:


IMDB is the platform where you will get the ratings and reviews of all the movies and TV series globally. This platform is one of the mostly visited one by the people.

First you should analyse whether your targeted traffic is visiting this site or not. If you sell products related to movies and TV shows then IMDB is the right place to market your services. You could attract a good amount of traffic to your website.


Etsy is another platform which can help you advertise your ecommerce business. If you are related to fashion jewellery and accessories then marketing your products here is recommended.

This platform is advised because on other famous sites like Amazon you will have to compete the whole world out there because everyone is there on Amazon. Hence, here you will get genuine buyers who will pay you the right amount. If you are selling genuine articles then you will get sales. Marketing is easy here as competition is less.


According to SEO companies in Sharjah, Buzzfeed is a great place to advertize if your target audience is generally the youth. You can always add your own content on this site. You just need to create an account and then click on the icon ‘new post’ to write your own post. You can then give link to your site there and drive a lot of traffic.


Forbes also provide the opportunity to contribute your posts. Here also, you can a great chance to publicize. Blog commenting is also a technique where you can give your link to website. Any post on the front page of Forbes will definitely get high views and traffic. So, even if small no. of people read your post the also that no. won’t be small.

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