Why is the Whole World Going crazy Over Emojis?

Who does not like those cute little faces which can express more emotions than the words can. In today’s well-connected world, emojis has become a language of communication, nearly every emotion can be efficiently expressed with their use. Some people call it a degradation of our language, some call it a tool for lazy ‘typers’, but we all know that they are not an excuse for anything; they are actually an evolution of the communication. They are next step to the easy, fast and convenient expression of feeling. There is one for everything; frown face, happy face, angry face, cry face, confused face, angelic face, demon face etc. Can you think of some expression that the emojis not deliver?

SEO Company California helped us understanding the valuable contribution of emojis in our conversations. Let us talk about why emojis are becoming so popular that they even have acquired a place in the dictionary.

  1. Easy to use: In the small mobile screens when sometimes we type wrong words by mistake and autocorrect completely ruin the conversation by wrong interpretation, emojis are very easy to use and a single click can say ‘I am angry at you’.
  2. Conversation steerer: Sometimes we are left short of words and conversation seems to be going nowhere, as such use of emojis adds a fun flavour to it and the talks continue.
  3. Effective:  Sometimes it is also hard to say bye or ‘I am disappointed’, as such emojis can clearly deliver the message. When you are happy, you can tell people about it and when  you are sad, a single emoji can express what you cannot write in the form of words.
  4. No language barrier: Emojis is universally accepted. You may need to translate words for friends who are in another country or cannot understand your language, but emojis needs no translation. When you are happy, you are happy, there is no need to translate it. A happy face translates the same in all the languages.
  5. Easy to  understand: It is said that understanding what girls say is very hard. Sometimes their Yes means No, and No means maybe. In the case of emojis, there is no confusion, there is no intent mismatch, there is no misunderstanding. You can say what is in your mind and the other person can clearly understand it.
  6. Typing is so hard: Lastly, yes we are somewhat lazy and we do not like to say what we feel, so emojis can do the work for us. Now, we do not fear to express our feelings. If the feelings are not mutual, we can simply say; “I was joking, didn’t see the funny emoji”. When typing becomes so much difficult, emojis come to our rescue.

Emojis really helps and they are actually shaping the future of our conversations. With passing times, we can see the introduction of new and better emojis. This is creative world and in this world, creative improvements are bound to happen. We truly know the importance of emojis in the conversations and we embrace them wholeheartedly. Top Local Seo Company In Chicago suggested us that there is no harm in using emojis for the conversation with audiences. After all, your audiences are people who are actually using the emojis in their day-to-day conversations. Using emojis is not against the professional writing, being professional itself means knowing what can bring your audiences closer to your business.


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