How you can possibly use Google Analytics like never before?

Google Analytics monitors the daily traffic and many of us have fed ourselves with almost all the necessary features of Google Analytics. The top SEO company is reaping the benefits of Google analytics to monitor the traffic and to know from where it is coming from. It is a tool that aids many marketers and specialists to understand the traffic to the website and mark strategy as per the use.

As said

Google analytics is composed of more features than only analysing traffic data.

Google Analytics has ample of features that many people are not reaping benefits of. If you ignore the full-fledged benefits of Google analytics, your business might be facing the consequence of leaving valuable insights. There are insights that worth thousands of dollars in the revenue.

Let’s find what you are missing in Google Analytics:

  1. You can create a custom dashboard:

A convenient feature of Google Analytics that most of us are ignoring is custom dashboard. In Google analytics you have to dig in different menus to find out the information. By creating a custom dashboard, it displays all the metrics that helps you the most.  You can access multiple dashboards at  the same time.

At the top of the menu, click on Dashboards and then New Dashboard.

So, don’t chase the information have it on one plate.

  1. Know Your Less Performing pages

In blogging we look for the pages that are performing extremely well as it helps in knowing the traffic and get to know the ideas for new topics, understanding the viewer’s interest. But at the same time, it is also imperative to know, the less and worst performing pages of your website.

Click on the behavior tab on the menu of Google Analytics. Then click Exit Pages under the Site Content menu.

It shows the prospects where most users exit your website. It helps in analyzing the report that what makes user unlock your page and exit.

  1. Analyze Site Speed:


The overall performance of your website is a deep factor and needs guidance and optimization of SEO. By inducing SEO local, you can monitor the various attributes your site need to setup performance brilliantly.

Well, Google analytics offers amazing benefits that normally remain unseen to many.

Under the behavior tab, you’ll see a menu item for Site Speed.

The Site Speed menu provides a list of your fastest and slowest loading pages, along with other information regarding load times.

  1. Implement Behavior Flow:

Right in the behavior tab, you will find behavior flow, which is again a feature that is incredibly important to let you understand the behavior of various pages. Don’t get confused guys. With behavior, it means that it will show you which page most people land on, where they go to the next, and where they keep going until they finally leave.

  1. Use Intelligence Event alerts:

In blogging, there are some posts that performs unusual. With Intelligence event alerts, you can track it up.

Go to Intelligence Events Overview and click Custom Alerts. From there, you’ll be able to set up automatic emails (or text messages) that alert you when specified events occur, such as a spike in traffic.


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