Secondary Adwords Metrics Overlooked By Pay Per Click Beginners

Adwords is the part and parcel of the business and site owners. Content marketers and digital marketing teams of SEO companies Orlando and other countries know the worth of this wonderful tool and make use of it almost daily. But still many of them are unaware of some of its metrics which can provide them outstanding results. Most of its features are hidden for those who are beginners in this field of pay per click ads. They focus solely on some of the fundamentals and forget about the secondary metrics.

So, here is the list of some of those metrics to keep in mind before organising any PPC  campaign:

1.Only Conversions are not enough:

Whenever you log into your adwords account you are really elated by seeing all those conversions in front of you but you need to look beyond that. You should also add a Cost and Conversion column which provides you the facility to quickly attribute value and create return on ad spend. This column gives you an insight into what are getting exactly out of your campaign. Another interesting feature which you can add is conversion rate which can help you to analyse the percentage of your clicks that are turning into conversions.

2.Your Quality Score:

You have organised everything, created ads, set them to different pages and adjusted budgets but still you are not getting returns. You might be missing your quality score. It is the most common feature overlooked by beginners. Quality score helps you to analyse the relevancy of your keywords with your content. It will score your site from 1 to 10 .If it is not relevant then you will get 1 and vice versa.


Dimensions is a method of looking at campaigns. It is not exactly the metrics it is a method as stated by SEO companies Orlando. The dimensions tab simply allows you to keep a check on the status of your traffic like where your action is coming from mostly. This dimensions feature helps you connect conversions, clicks and impressions  to a specific class of demographics. These include things such as geographic targets, or times of day.

4.Auction Insights:

Auction insights is again a wonderful hidden feature of Adwords. This is an insightful indicator that help any PPC beginner to collect maximum profits. Auction insights as the name itself explains its use, allows you to look at your competition and the keywords that you have. This allows you to see things such as overlap rate for specific keywords and how often a competitor is at the top of the page.


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