You Need To Update Your CMS

CMS or Content Management Systems have given bloggers and website owners a new platform to manage their data and content in an organised way. CMS like WordPress, Magento, Joomla have provided people an easy way to maintain their websites along with numerous features and addons. But in this race of blogging and website management people are ignoring the security factor.


According to Los Angeles SEO services many hackers have got the opportunity to exploit these websites through CMS. Earlier hackers used to focus on a single site to encode through remote code execution or any other technique. Today CMS has made easy and given them a large area to attack as here they can get many sites which use the same system and plugins.


So, is your site also using CMS? If yes, then make sure it is secure. Here are some ways which can help you out:


  • If you are not updating your CMS then you might have come across the situation where you get to see some notifications stating new updates are available. When you click on them you see they are mostly related to unseen issues of your site layout, plugin issues and other similar problems. Experts from SEO Memphis say that these updates are not for your normal routine changes but they are always about fixing your security problems. So, always remain updated and keep checking these updates.


  • Be careful while checking any plugin update because most of the hackers use plugins to exploit and get the backdoor access. Plugin updates can be related to any issue like for bug fixes or any security updates and it will be accompanied by the version of CMS you already have.


  • Back up your site regularly. If you are not doing it often then even if it is just prior to updates it will again again set your site back and you can lose your revenue and customers.If you are backing up your site on time it will check that all your inconveniences are dealt quickly and will set you site back to normal.

Studies say that there are 30000 sites which get hacked everyday destroying many businesses in one go. Many people face challenges every now and then. So, how can they rise above all this? The only answer is to remain updated, careful and regular. CMS has opened doors for so many bloggers and site owners, it is a boon in a way then why make it a bane? If this system is providing great opportunities to maintain good websites then we should also follow some of the guidelines to protect our businesses.

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