How To Get More Subscribers For Your Blog?

Are you a blogger? You might have set a perfect blog and have started getting recognition from your family and friends. Now you need to increase the number of subscribers to increase your sales. Simple subscription helps the users to get timely alerts through emails or messages. How can you provide easy subscription and make people use it?

Here are some tips by experts from SEO services in Boston to increase the number of subscribers for your blog:

  • Your users and readers will be more attracted if they get something in exchange when they subscribe to your blog. So, try to offer some discount on your products and services. You can also provide free ebooks in order to make them subscribe for your blog.
  • Placement of the subscribe button also matters a lot. Try to place it where people can easily find it. Do not let it look as if it is on their face but place it differently away from the regular content so that it is easily recognized.

  • You can always create a separate subscription page as it is more convenient. You can directly give the link to let people subscribe for your blog rather than waste their time searching for the subscription button. Customers will find it easy and will be attracted towards your blog.

  • After you have created a subscription landing page do not forget to give its link on every page. Place it somewhere at the bottom or top so that people can easily find it and after reading your wonderful posts they can say thanks by subscribing for your blog.

  • In house promotion is the greatest tool to increase subscriptions. If your blog has an about us page or some pages dedicated to press releases then you should place the subscription icon here also.

  • If your posts are really worth reading then people will love to share it. So, provide easy shareable icons of every social media. If people will not find it easily then who is going to share it?

  • Guest blogging is another way to ask people to subscribe for your blog. You can post your content on some other site and give the link to subscribe for your site.

The last but one of the most important step is posting daily. Many experts from SEO services in California state that if your blog is inconsistent then it will slowly lose your customers and subscribers. If your efforts are not continuous and you are not active.

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