Shorter Headlines, Larger Benefits

It is the headline of your article which creates the first impact on your reader. If the words are used perfectly relevant to the content then your readers are not going away from you. Of course there is a strong connection between the words and your website.

Creating headlines has been a thoughtful process. Some people think that shorter ones are more productive while others say that using long headlines express more and lure , more readers. But according to Google short headlines are more beneficial. This is true that long headlines are attractive but they are apt for those content which are not for B2B.

This is the fact that Google’s crawlers do not see more than 65 words in the headlines. It means that if your headline has more than 65 words then Google will read only first 65 words. Studies of experts from SEO Dubai say that only 21% websites use this strategy. Short titles have always been more impactful. Even when the authors use short titles in their published papers they receive more citations.

Why shorter headlines?

People generally do not read online. Studies have reported that only 20% of the online readers read articles. Rest just skim through your website. If your headline is short and fascinating, they can go through your article. If people are searching for some solution then too they will never read big articles. They just want to quickly land on the solution, so they will search for short and informative articles.

While making your headlines short do not make it too short. Various surveys say that websites should have an average of 7 to 15 words in their headlines. Too short headlines having only 5 words or less are also facing poor results. Many big websites create the headlines somewhere between 7 to 12 words.

Not only digital theory there is yet another theory related to shorter length headlines. There is psychological reason behind this. Studies say that the human brain cannot retain more than 7 words at a time hence writing long titles is just a waste.

How to make your headlines shorter?

Making short headlines is not easy. Somewhere or the other we have use more words to make the title complete and correct. Here are some ways which are used by SEO company in Qatar also to make their headlines short as well as attractive:

  • First think what headline you want to give. Write it on the paper.
  • Then analyse and think how can you make it shorter.
  • Use a dictionary to use powerful words which convey everything alone.
  • In this urge of searching new words make sure you do not use spammy words.
  • If your message is too long because you are focusing on many things then try to split it.
  • Automated tools and checkers can be a great help.

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