Ploy of Hacks to Beat the Big Brands of the Industry

Any struggling company would want to beat an established name because of the high competition in the industry all around the world. Though it almost sounds impossible but the experts of SEO Company UK have figured out few hacks which can guide you in getting your company placed among those big giants securely. Let’s understand these success hacks!

1) Focus on Branding

Focus on building a brand of your product. Understand the fact that it is branding which is giving these big boys so much advantage and it is one of the secrets behind their success. You don’t have to leave an international mark but creating a good image and reputation among your local audience for your product is good enough for the starting. Gradually your band will automatically get a higher recognition if it deserves so.

You have to follow a very simple path for this. Firstly start working on your brand presence. Your logo, color scheme and tagline should clearly communicate the reader what your brand stands for.

Now develop a strong USP. After all, no business can exist without a distinguishing feature. Your unique selling proposition is unerringly just that, an aspect making your brand diverse from the others.

The content of your website is important too. Also, the tone of your writing plays a very important role in setting up the relationship of your company with your audience. Big brands develop relationships with their audience through the way they express themselves.

2) Target more branded keywords

Just like most of the big companies, start targeting on those keywords which are related to your products or services. Targeting only on the related keywords perfectly makes sense. Since these targeted keywords already have a brand recognition it would be really helpful for your company as the consumer is always looking for a variation.

These keywords already have a huge influence over the audience and if you are trying to experiment with new keywords there is a huge possibility that they might not come out to be as productive as these keywords.

Also, understand the mentality behind the creation of these keywords and apply the same understanding for the branding of your product.

But of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stop experimenting with the new keywords. But just be realistic as making a place among the top brands is not that easy.

3) Local Search

Local search is very important to shoot your site to the top positions of the search results. Irrespective of how many big brands take over them, Google is still guaranteed to display the local results. However, this strategy won’t work for every type of business. But for business who are engaged in serving their local areas, it could prove to be a blessing.

4) Lastly, don’t ignore social media

The value of social media cannot be determined when it comes to branding a company. It might not be the best channel that could help you but it plays a great role in beating the internet marketing competition.

You can use various social media tools to provide great satisfaction to your customers by supporting their queries online. This will work miracles in creating a very good image of the company in the market.


Big brands are present everywhere in the market and they are unbeatable too. But you can definitely turn them down by using their own secret of success that is ‘branding.’ SEO services Birmingham believe that in the world of internet marketing anything can be changed drastically with the help of proper advertising.


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