How Eliminating Old Website Content Advances Current Traffic?

When we hear the term Google Panda, it feels like we are talking about something too old. But this software, which coldly eliminates the Internet that doesn’t meet its quality standards and penalizes sites which carry substandard content, is merely five years old.

The reason for its importance is that it regularly creates warning for the sites to match up the Google standards.

Older content is often overlooked by the audience and is more or less considered irrelevant to your fresh content. But that’s not true and poor-quality old content does hurt your search ranking. As long as that low-quality content remains on your site, it is accessible to the search engines.

According to the experts of SEO New York, since Google standards keep changing and every year there are different guidelines regarding the length and quality of the content, it is very important to keep a proper check on your old content.

Let’s understand how we can do it.

1) Identify the content that requires work on it.

If you are an owner of an old website, then this may appear to be a very daunting task for you to audit your entire old content. Your website might carry off thousands of old posts which require editing. But this task can be made very easy with the help of software like the penguin. This software knobs into your Google Analytics install and scans your traffic account. It matches the traffic documented on your pages with the dates of Google software and other algorithmic updates. Any page where it notices an unexpected traffic drip, it highlights for you.

2) Fix up the old content.

On discovering that the content doesn’t stand up to the requirements of the current trends, you are obviously required to modify and make it up to the standards. There are a few methods by which you can do this task.

  1. If the content carries a special value and should not be deleted permanently, then just try to make it more valuable and according to the current time by re-writing it.
  2. Simply add new value to your old data by linking it to some of the new article or topics. This will help the readers to understand it in a better which will help in restringing its worth. You can also try to promote it again through social media by taking the advantage of its antique value.
  3. If you get posts on similar topics, merge and provide them a new structure to appeal the readers. This will increase its value as well as its appeal.
  4. If the content is handily a smaller, less worthy version of a better and latest post, feel free to eliminate it and also pass on the old post to the new URL. A redirect benefits to domain any value of old inbound links.
  5. If the content is really insignificant and worthless, it would be a waste to rewrite it. Also such content usually has little or nothing in the form of inbound links and traffic, hence, simply remove it.

There’s no problem in removing old content. If that old content is holding you back because of the values attached, simply rewrite it or improve it and lift the weight off your shoulders and your website. You can even take help of any firm or organization like SEO services UK to guide you in a better way. It helps gives Google a superior imprint of the general value of your site.


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