Uncover Your Competitor’s SEO Strategies – How?

Earlier SEO was not so tough to accomplish. Business owners applied simple techniques like keywords, effective content and used to get through. Google also accepted all these simple strategies to rank the pages and gave access to all its searching methods.

As time passed, the need for effective SEO started as this search giant, Google started hiding its keywords from website owners and gave limited knowledge of its algorithms. But this tech master has not completely left us ignorant. There are ways in which we can find out the sudden changes. By using some semi- hacks there is a possibility to learn some of the hidden tricks of Google.

Best and successful SEO strategy says that you need to do your internal evaluation first and focus on your business. But we all know that until we do not get to learn about our competitors then how will we come to know where do we stand? They might be using some innovative tactics which could enhance your techniques. So, there is a need of a sneak peek into your competitor’s SEO strategy. Many companies are on top in the SEO agency world because of these strategies.

How to discover their strategies?

Now, they are your rivals in the same field and will never hand over their methods to you easily. You need to be little creative and smart in getting access to their world.

Alternate Directories: In Spite of Google’s guidelines saying that focus on customer experience instead of search engines still many website owners create pages which are specifically optimized for SEO. So, make use of these directories and indices of your competitor’s websites to go through their tactics of driving traffic.

Metadata:  Just wake up and look out for tools that help you extract metadata of websites. Pull out this data from their website and understand their page design, keywords, content and if you find them effective then add it to your list. Tools like Meta Alerts, SemRush, SpyFu, Moz help you drive significant traffic to your site. It is not necessary that every tool tells you about which keywords led to maximum traffic but if you find out which tool does so then you can maximize your profit.

Once you have found out the relevant strategies of your competitor you need to make use of it. How to do so?

Grow your online traffic: The strategies which you have revealed will tell you that from where your rivals are getting maximum traffic. It might be Reddit, Youtube, LinkedIn or any news site. Go on these platforms and post any paid ad to catch the attention of the visitors.

Driving traffic is not an easy task. You need to fund your SEO team properly for this. Only organic search traffic will not help. You need to boost your traffic by using some tools like keyword analysis tools, or any content driven tool.

Maintain your online reputation: Online reputation is the most important aspect of the SEO agency world. Your SEO team should regularly check your search results to keep a watch on the online results. They should be accurate and healthy. As we all know most of the customers today come to know about a brand through online search. Hence, this is the first way of impressing and attracting them. Keep on influencing your customers by trying out new innovative ways after going through the techniques of your rival.

Be vigilant because your competitors might also be trying out the same tricks to extract your information. You need to make your online presence positive.

Base your data on user intent: Latest searches are based on user intent instead of just keywords. User intent data helps you to analyze that what people think about your business and what Google answers them.

When you come to know about your competitor’s search data you will understand their customer’s intentions which will help you to promote your brand more smartly.

Suppose that the customers at your competitor’s site mostly search for footwear varieties then you can craft an innovative and catchy content or ad related to it on your site and place it on their site also. You can purchase ads on various sites about footwear. This will help you to attract more and more traffic. If you come to know that what sites those customers are visiting regularly you can place your ads on those sites too and maintain your significance.

It is possible to track your competitor’s effort easily but you need to initiate. A look into their methods can help you gain long term success. Just because you do not have direct access to their site it does not mean you will not focus on their strategies. There are ways to extract their information and it is necessary for you.

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