Top 10 Tips to Be a Website Lead

Every business owner whether small or big wants his or her website to be user-friendly and prominent. They want their website to lead. But unfortunately, they are left behind in this race. What is the reason? Why are some websites dominant and some are not?

In this post, we will provide you the 10 secrets in the form of tips that are helping the successful websites to dominate the market. The following tips will help your websites to generate leads right from the start.

  1. Mobile Should be your first friend: As we all know that nowadays maximum users are accessing internet through their mobile phones. Hence to be in the vicinity of your visitors you need to go mobile. Fabricate your website according to the mobile environment such that users are easily able to view it on their mobile phones. This feature will help you to attract a lot of mobile traffic. As your website will give a tremendous mobile experience, it will lure maximum mobile users. This will also boost your online visibility. SEO company rankings list those SEO vendors who suggest their clients to make their website mobile friendly.
  2. Display a big phone icon: Now as you have made your website mobile friendly and users are finding it easy to access, do not forget to give a clear and big phone icon on the top. Rather than filling big forms to reach you, visitors mostly prefer to call. Hence, display a prominent phone no. along with a catchy logo.
  3. Forms should be simple and easily visible: Visitors are our first priority and we want that they should have a good experience when they visit our site. So if you are giving links to inquiry forms then they should be easily visible. Users should be directed well about the directions to fill the form. Boxes, spaces and fonts should; be big enough so that they do not find it difficult to fill it. Make sure that your form is simple and small.
  4. SEO Foundation should be strong: Make sure that your site has solid SEO traits. Each page should own its individual title tag along with relevant keywords. Keep a regular check on your website content and make it original. The quality of your website should be high on a clear navigational structure.
  5. Content should be enriched with knowledge: Never try to deceive your visitors. Whatever product or service you are selling you need to be clear about it while writing the content. Your content should be catchy and enthralling such that the reader finds it interesting and stays on your website for long. If they do not find anything relevant enough they might switch on to your competitor’s website and this would lead you to a great loss.
  6. White Spaces enhance your website: If you use a lot of white spaces in your content and the whole website page then it will look more organized. Web pages with lots of images, irrelevant content and crowded words do not look appealing. Visitors will find it hard to read and will have search a lot to find a particular thing. So if your website is not appealing and neat it will lose maximum traffic.
  7. Professional images: Use professional photos of your staff and display it on your website. This will help you to be more trustworthy and personal and this will attract more and more leads.
  8. Discounts and offers: Regular discounts and offers have always attracted more and more customers. So, do not forget to add this benefit. If the customers are a regular visitor to your site then you will want them to visit your site daily. For this, you have to keep these offers as a bait.
  9. If you do not track, you will not succeed: Tracking your performance is very important. Until and unless you do not measure where you stand, how will you analyze that what steps you need to take next. So track your inquiries because it might be possible that you are producing more or less leads than you think.
  10. Review Analytics: You need to know that what your users are doing. Reviewing your analytics will give a detailed insight into your users’ perspective and activities. Once you analyze their behavior it will become easy for you to improve your site according to them and generate maximum leads.

These tips are suggested by companies listed in top 10 SEO company rankings. These tips are worth analyzing and they will definitely help you to make your website impressive and will become a lead producing machine.


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