How to Use Snapchat as a Real SEO Method?

Snapchat is the latest major player in the visual social media prospect which has created a huge impact on the audience and Top SEO Agencies. Maximum of the brands can be seen taking the advantage of its young, mobile-centric user base.

There are several key factors which set Snapchat apart from the other visual media platforms. For example, it isn’t possible to connect with another user on Snapchat unless you already know their handle or have their contact saved in your phone. This crafts a familiarity within the app as people only share content with genuine friends rather than random ‘followers’ or contacts.

Its ‘disappearing’ content feature might be annoying to some brands who want to build up a more lasting existence that customers can see anytime. But this feature actually enhances the attention and continuous commitment of users who frequently check the app for latest updates.

And while Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest can be operated with a desktop even after being mobile-centric apps, Snapchat is an exclusive mobile-only platform which does not even entertain the possibility of a user accessing the site via desktop.

This article will help a lot if you want to turn Snapchat’s vanishing media to your benefit. Let’s read how to do it.

1)    Create Vertical Content

Whether you’re shooting a video for a Snapchat ad or just snapping Story updates, Snapchat users mainly wish for content that doesn’t require them to rotate their phone to view. Vertical video pushes a much-advanced engagement rate on Snapchat as it is more convenient for the mobile users and hence vertical content acquire the dominant trend on mobile in general.

2)    Real-time updates and ‘live’ content

Snapchat’s passing style gives itself to real-time appraises and ‘live’ content. While many would get cautious from live updates on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook as the resulting posts can extremely mess up your feed, live updates on Snapchat carry all the profits of improved attention and engagement without any negatives.

3)    Exclusive content

For the similar causes, Snapchat is also an idyllic platform for ‘sneak peeks’ and exclusives, as the content is not permanent, and is logistically way more problematic for users to share elsewhere.

4)    Cross-platform promotion

According to Top SEO Agencies, snapchat’s exclusive content is also an impeccable chance for cross-platform advertising, using your other social media channels to construct the anticipation while pointing your followers over to Snapchat to catch the big moment. This will induce people to go through it.

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