How Can You Use Google’s Dynamic Search Ads Effectively

Marketers and other companies are investing a lot in creating ads and they expect a large traffic and great CTRs. They are frustrated when they do not receive the right response after spending a lot on their campaigns. But now Google Adwords has changed the scenario because it does not focus keywords. Earlier the marketers used to search thousands of keywords and that used half of their efforts but now the advent of Google’s dynamic search ads have changed the approach. Now the website owners need to maintain good quality content instead of  long tail keywords.

According to San Francisco SEO, These dynamic search ads by Google have been in use since last few years but still many marketers are not using this great strategy. They are not using it because they do not know which queries are mapped to ads, which landing pages they are directed to and which search queries are mostly used.

The most practical benefit of using these dynamic search ads is that it searches 16% of new queries. This strategy uses Google’s organic search technique and hence cover the uncommon keywords.

How do these search ads work?

There is no original way to find out how these ad campaigns work. There is no particular quality score for these campaigns because they do not focus on keywords anymore. The quality score is generally calculated on the basis of the content of the landing page. Your ad should be relevant according to that content. So in case of Google; dynamic ads searches are made by  crawling advertisers’ site content and then mapping a query to that crawled content, so it will always relate to the relevant content hence leading to good quality scores.

How will be the performance level?

When you use dynamic search ads you need to be patient for the results because it involves google’s organic search process which takes time to crawl. It will take around 2 to 3 weeks to understand how much traffic will that ad attract. Bids also decide the engagement level of the campaign so be ready to increase bids.

Are they beneficial for every brand?

Dynamic ads are the best option for those brands which contain a lot of pages on their site and have constant and static content according to experts from St. Louis SEO. While if the brand’s site is not having many pages and keeps on changing the content then these ads are not much relevant. But still if you are using other campaigns Google’s dynamic search ad campaign should run side by side as a support.


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