Editorial Calendar Can Be A Successful SEO Machine – Here’s How? Part1

Blogs today should be consistent. Consistent here means that your blog should be up to date along with creative pieces of content regularly. SEO company Memphis says that most common problem faced by bloggers is that they run out of ideas. They do not get relevant topics which can bind their audience to them as well as do not deviate from the niche of their site.

The only tool which can help in this situation is the editorial calendar. Here are some ways in which you can turn your editorial calendar into a successful SEO machine:

Searching Content To the Editorial Calendar:

The editorial calendar is a collection of predefined and collected content. So, first, what you need to do is find out the relevant content. You should have everything ready so that you can put them on your calendar whenever you plan any meeting.

The question is from where will you get different content ideas?

This is not that typical you can acquire good topics by brainstorming, social media, RSS reader or curated profiles. You should be aware of the content which your targeted users access the most. You can generate your content on the editorial calendar in the form of blogs, videos, images, infographics and many more.

Adding the content:

After searching the relevant content you need to add it to your calendar. When it comes to adding the content should be added on planning annually, monthly, weekly and daily.

Annually you can add content related to: Holidays and industrial conferences. Any annual events of your organization, content related to cover some specific themes like festivals which fall once in a year, labour intensive content.

Monthly you can focus on: Twitter chats, brand promotion campaigns, content campaigns.

Weekly you can focus on: Specific and exclusive blogs, trending articles, deciding about the team members.

Daily: It involves the daily blog posts and social media publishing. It is more about the schedule that you follow on weekdays.

Decide your publishing speed:

This is necessary while maintaining your editorial calendar. SEO Miami states that your posting speed depends on your audience. You have to find out when do they come online and what type of content do they read the most. This will help you to know what frequency you should post your blogs and related which topic.

Your speed also depends on the requirements of your users and how much can you provide. If they require 5 articles and you are able to provide 3 then publish 3 but using some social media tactics make it 5.


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