Editorial Calendar Can Be A Successful SEO Machine – Here’s How? Part 2

In Part 1 we had discussed the ways in how you can make your editorial calendar a successful SEO machine. Here are few more ways to do so:

Social Content on your editorial calendar:

You need to decide the social content for your calendar. SEO company Nashville says that It can be of two types:

Stand alone social content:

Standalone social content should be unique. You cannot post it randomly you need to decide various images or videos if you want to add them and plan the content before writing. It is a major part of the campaign and hence its publishing schedule should not be based on any other previous content.

Social content related to blog: This content is exclusively related to your blog or niche. This content will help to publicise your blog. There will be more no. of posts and that too on regular basis.

Team should use this Calendar: You have worked hard on this editorial calendar and everyone knows how to use it. The major problem is are your team members using this calendar?

The editorial calendar lives and dies on the basis of publishing times. A single content involves writers, designers, editors and videographers so it depends on all of them. Even newbies change some of the rules.

Regular meetings:

There should be regular meetings between different members of your team. This will help you plan your content and publish them more regularly. So, plan a meeting with your content team leaders annually to decide the yearly plans, monthly meetings to set up goals for every month and weekly meetings to review everyday report.

It is not important to engage everyone in this meeting only the team leaders are enough. For weekly meetings you can contact the content creators to find out what are they up to.

A methodological approach:

Before delivering or adding the main content on the calendar you have to follow the steps for its creation. The major steps are simple:

  • Creation of the quality content by the writers
  • Graphic designers take the relevant content to design catchy graphics
  • The editor then goes through the content to publish it finally.

After creating the editorial calendar you cannot leave it. As the experts of New York SEO you also need to review it regularly to find out if it is working fine or not. You have to find out if there are any changes to be made. Another thing is continuous content auditing where you will be able to track which content works and which does not.

There are various tools available to design your own editorial calendar like paper, spreadsheet or any other project management software. These tools help you to make your process fast and accurate.

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