Does Second tier authority links affects your Google rankings?

We know this for all the fact that high quality keywords help in Google rankings if you link to the high quality links. SEO is a field that has witnessed many changes but what remain stagnant in this race is the high quality links that impacts your Google rankings widely. When you link your site from highly reputable sites you are on a high benefit of getting good traffic and rankings on the linked pages.

But yes, everything that sounds easy is not that easy, the high authority sites create certain issues for an effective linking unless you meet some criteria. But yes you can add brownie points to your site by benefitting from high authority links through second tier links.

When you find a high authority site that has something to do with your website then you can try to retrieve some links from those websites that are linked to the high authority site. Getting links from these sites is not at all unethical, as when you take links from these websites, the high authority sites will impose a positive influence on your own site.

There are many a time cases when high authority websites are not eager to link to your website, then all you can do is try to get the link of the websites that are linked to the authority sites. There are reasons for authority site being linked to others sites because the webmaster is not interested to link to your site.

You can subjugate this issue by:

  1.       Finding a high quality, high authority website that is comprised of many backlinks and consist of a good Google ranking.
  1.       You can also request the high authority websites to link to your website.

Second tier links are quite valuable in this progression where they let you provide indirectly linking.

How to make contact with second tier link providers more effectively?

The top 10 SEO Company also showers this prospect of linking to second tier links. In case, you encounter a high quality website that links to other websites you need to try to get the link from the website first. There are many link building tools that can also aid in this purpose when the first approach fails. The tools in SEOprofiler provides second tier links more quickly.

Do this in the following steps:

  1.       In SEOprofiler add a website that is slinked buy rate high authority site to the link manager.
  2.       You can retrieve contact information easily by the link manager in the SEOprofiler
  3.       Go ahead and make contact with other websites.

The main advantage of Link profiler in the SEOprofiler is simply to filter the links that are best in quality. It helps in analyzing the quality and quantity of the links that points to a website. With this you get to find high authority sites more quickly.

The top 10 SEO Company even believe in getting high rankings by linking the pages or the website to a high authority sites. With SEO profiler you can tame that issue as well.

So, happy linking guys!


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