4 Tricks To Write PPC Ads Which Will Increase Your CTRs

Click through rates are necessary to be increased if you have invested in PPC ads. Are you still using that old method of repeating the same thing in every PPC ad? Are you experiencing low CTRs? Here are 4 tricks by many SEO and PPC experts from Orlando SEO which will definitely help you raise your CTRs rapidly:

Insertion of dynamic keywords:

Dynamic keyword insertion is the strategy in which the dynamic search ad extract that search term which the user types in the search bar into the title of the ad. Suppose that the user typed ‘Purple shoes’ then the ad with the dynamic keyword will come up with the headline as ‘purple shoes’. It might be there that the user types very long sentences which cannot fit in these ads so here the ads will use your default content.

Your ads should have emotional factor:

If you want that people should click on your ads more then make the headlines and your ad context related to human emotions. Make it so influential that people urge to click on your ads. You can design ads on different emotions and then test on your targeted audience and find out which one will work out. Split your ads and see which one leads to higher conversion rates.

Follow the protocol:

According to Phoenix SEO, It can be any business, every business needs PPC marketing and designing. But many of us forget the correct protocol. If you do not work according to the norms you will not have long term benefits. The rule says:

Your headline should contain the keyword and appropriate text.

The relevant and exclusive qualities should be depicted in the first line.

Specific promotion in the second line

The Url should contain the right keywords.

Ad extensions:

Ad extensions will definitely help google and other search engines to have more options to select from. Sites not only use site link extension headline but they also take out time to fill out the description field. If the no. of site links are more, you have better chances. Call out extensions, review extensions, and structured snippets also help in gaining maximum click through rates.

Ad copy can result in breaking your PPC campaign. So, use these above mentioned strategies for the successful creation of PPC ads. If your click through rates increases then surely they will be able to maximise your traffic and help you increase your productivity.


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