10 Tips to Find Relevant Keywords on Google

Keywords will always maintain their significance in SEO and an effective content writing. There have been many debates regarding the importance of keywords in SEO. But whatever would have been the conclusion, keywords are necessary to make your online presence or to be listed in search engine results.

Too much stuffing of keywords or very less application of keywords both can be harmful to your site. If you are a content writer then before writing anything your first step would have always been to search particular keywords related to your content.

But how to find out effective keywords?

The SEO Company ranked on the top position also focus on using good keywords. Here are 10 useful tips which will help you to do extensive research in finding out keywords relevant to your content:

Go for long keywords: Many website owners and businesses think that if they will use highly competitive keyword then they will be ranked high in the search results. This is a common misconception, if you use these typical keywords there are less chances of your high ranking and you might also have to pay more.

It is recommended by many SEO experts that if you use long tail keywords then you will be benefitted more. Long tail keywords mean using 3 to 4 words together. It is more relevant because people mostly search by using long phrases to make their search clearer. These long phrases will be able to target more audience and hence will increase traffic to your site.

To look for good keywords use Google Keywords Tool.

Ignore Broad Keywords: Broad keywords are short tail keywords which are difficult to rank on Google. If your keywords are hard then it will be more difficult to rank your site on top. Keywords you use should be natural and without any spelling mistake. Since, if you went wrong somewhere then you will lose your reputation.

Don’t search too much: As soon as you find some relevant keywords use them right away and do not involve in deep research. Any keyword you use should be naturally used because readers do not like to read promotional content.

You should focus on the keywords on individual web pages because Google ranks the sites according to individual web pages. There is no need to concentrate on a lot of keywords, if you think that the ones which you have used are sufficient enough and are naturally working with your content then even 4% density of keywords will also work.

Analyze keyword traffic data: You need to analyze which keyword is responsible for more traffic. Do not use too long phrases in the name of keywords because it will become difficult to analyze the traffic data. Once you come to know that which one is responsible for maximum traffic then your task will become easy. Use different keywords on different webpages because it is difficult to rank both of them on the top positions.

If some of your keywords are not searched much then also you should not worry because they will still give you much value.

Use Google Keyword Planner: There are many tools available which can suggest you different keyword ideas and refine your search. If you use Google Keyword Planner there is an option ‘Keyword ideas’, it will provide you keywords related to the search of your target audience. Using these Keyword planner tools will help you in getting a filtered list of keywords.

Before writing the content, search for keywords: Before writing your content it is necessary that you find out relevant keywords and then draft your text. Do not deceive your readers by using different keywords. If you write keyword phrases that are related to your website but don’t describe the topic on your website, you should create a separate page with keywords that describes a new content.

Use Location relevant keywords: If you are an owner of a local business with or without the physical address, it would be very advantageous if you use local keywords. Location-based keywords will help you to be different and will add you to Google maps. This will boost your online traffic. Add your business to Google Places and which will help to filter searches according to location.

Analytics Data is a good option: Keep a watch on the variations of keyword phrases that can help you modify your tactics. You can take some main websites that deliver the best and authentic content in search of good ideas and keywords to make your own content.

Analyze your competitors: you should not forget to look at the websites that compete with you. Find out top 10 competitors and analyze what they are doing and which are the most prominent keywords and titles they are using.

Avoid Ambiguity: When you choose keyword phrases, make sure that the meaning which you want to use is depicted in it. Sometimes keywords can mislead users and make them bounce a website. If you check results and find out nothing with your content, it might be possible that you have used keywords with ambiguous meaning.

These were top 10 strategies which even the SEO Company ranked high use in their SEO strategies. You can them use to find out important and relevant keywords for your content or website. Keep in mind that keywords will never lose their importance in this SEO world.


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